Bodyweight Workout for Teens

Being a teen and wanting to build some muscle can be a bad combination for a few reasons:

  • Can’t afford equipment for home
  • No ability to get to a gym
  • Can’t afford a gym membership

Good news is doing enough volume with bodyweight exercises can help build some muscle and get lean without any weights.

Ideally having some weights would be nice but with some creativity, you can make some great implements to help you build some muscle.

Kali Muscle Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout for Teens

This is a 5 day workout and you can choose which 2 days you would like as a rest day or light activity day.

No need to train every single day; have 2 days off a week to relax or do something fun.

Chest and Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Wide Width Push Ups 4 20
Regular Width Push Ups 4 20
Push Up Position Planks 3 ALAP
Close Width Push Ups 4 20
Diamond Push Ups 4 20


Back and Core
Exercise Sets Reps
Pull Ups 4 AMAP
Army Crawls 4 20
Side Planks 3 ALAP
Sit Ups 4 20


Shoulders and Arms
Exercise Sets Reps
Front Lateral Raises 4 12
Side Lateral Raises 4 12
Rear Lateral Raises 4 12
Diamond Push Ups 4 20


Legs and Core
Exercise Sets Reps
Bodyweight Squats 4 20
Walking Lunges 4 20
Side Lunges 4 20
Crunches 4 AMAP
Planks 3 ALAP


Full Body
Exercise Sets Reps
Mountain Climbers 4 15
Army Crawls 5 10
Burpees 5 10
Jumping Jacks 5 15
Wall Sits 4 ALAP


Workout Tips

Okay so not all of these exercises are explicitly bodyweight only but I’ll tell you how to make them work.

* For lateral raises – I want you to take your book bag or find a sack and fill it full of canned goods or something that won’t be harmed using them as weights. This is a great way for you to get stronger and not have to spend a penny on any weights.

* Pull Ups – Unless you can find a tree or something sturdy to use for pull ups, I would recommend buying a pull up bar. Just like in the header picture, they can be removed from the door frame with no damage. I will be releasing more workouts shortly using this very bar, so it’s worth the money to buy it. Yes that is an affiliate link; help me keep the site running and use it if you want to buy the pull up bar.

* ALAP – As long as possible. I want to see you cry and collapse. When you feel like you can’t go any longer, you have another 5 seconds at least.

* AMAP – As many as possible. Once again, I want you to fail and try two more reps after that. Bodyweight exercises are not like getting pinned under a heavy ass squat.

* Nutrition – Eat right and make gains.


As always, leave me a comment or question if you have any, be sure to follow our social accounts, and get strong my friends.

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    • Whole foods. Buy chicken, fish, beef, pork, sweet potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. Throw in a little bit of what other stuff you like, but mostly eat whole, nutritious foods.

    • Make an account at and start inputting what you eat. You’ll need to start measuring your food some if you want to get accurate.

  1. Also it is really difficult for me to do the chest and triceps workout I couldn’t do the close grip push up and the diamond pushups.

    • Put your hands on an elevated surface or do them on the ground but use your knees. As your strength gets better doing them, you’ll eventually be able to do them regularly. Bodyweight exercise is hard, trust me.

    • Aim for .5 or 1 pound per week. Any more and you’re going to put on a lot more fat than you want. If you were in the gym, you could aim for more… but bodyweight exercises can only elicit so much of a growth.

  2. Also on myfitnesspal what should I put down for the add exercise. For example when I do my chest and triceps there are no variations of the push ups.

    • Just put regular push ups.. the calories burned are going to be different for all of us. The trick is to accurately capture what you can. For instance, someone who is 250 doing pushups will burn more calories than someone who is 180. There’s a lot of variables, but if you have a benchmark of what you are doing versus what’s happening… you can start figuring out what you need to do.

  3. Hi I’m 16 years old and weigh about 90 kg. I play tennis and was wondering if this program could help me lose weight and be more efficient in playing.

    • Yes, start cleaning up your diet and working to get more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. Focus on every move and exploding with great form.

  4. Hi, program looks good.
    Just wondering how I might go about progressing it when the movements start to get easy. Would I do this by simply increasing the reps/sets or would I find a way to add more weight to each exercise?
    Also how often should the progression change? – e.g. I add an extra set per week to the program.

    • If possible increase the weight you use. If you can’t do that, increase the sets/reps or you can lower your rest periods and push yourself to do the same sets/reps in a quicker amount of time. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi, I’m 15 and looking to gain some muscle and definition. i weigh 60kg and I’m around 5’6 (short 🙁 ), I”m relatively built and have been active for most of my life. i ca do a maximum of around 50 pushups in a row and 13 pullups in a row. is this workout good for me or di i need to alter it?

    • Sorry for such a late response, this pandemic is putting a hurt on my content.

      You’re pretty well-trained so you could use this and add to it. If there are some exercises you haven’t done, it will challenge you. But I imagine you won’t have much of an issue getting through this workout.

    • Good luck man. If you can get a weighted vest or other items to put more resistance on your muscles, it will help. Try out some different variations of exercises like one armed push ups, pushups with your feet up higher, etc. Add in some explosive movements to build power and you’ll be set.

  6. Hey Cutty! Thanks for the workout, i’m just wondering about the cardio part of the routine. How should I do my cardio? I’m 14 years old that can’t really go to a gym cause in our country it costs A LOT I.’ve been doing HIIT for a while now before discovering this, and I was completely sold on this. I hope you’re doing well, especially in these trying times. Thanks!

    • Just think of cardio as heart health. HIIT is great, anything that keeps your heart elevated. Run, boxing, anything that keeps you moving. Find some things that are fun and it won’t feel like exercise!

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