Body Weight Workout Routine for Teens

Bodyweight Workout for Teens

Being a teen and wanting to build some muscle can be a bad combination for a few reasons:

  • Can’t afford equipment for home
  • No ability to get to a gym
  • Can’t afford a gym membership

Good news is doing enough volume with bodyweight exercises can help build some muscle and get lean without any weights.

Ideally having some weights would be nice but with some creativity, you can make some great implements to help you build some muscle.

Kali Muscle Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout for Teens

This is a 5 day workout and you can choose which 2 days you would like as a rest day or light activity day.

No need to train every single day; have 2 days off a week to relax or do something fun.

Chest and Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps
Wide Widthย Push Ups 4 20
Regular Width Push Ups 4 20
Push Up Position Planks 3 ALAP
Close Width Push Ups 4 20
Diamond Push Ups 4 20


Back and Core
Exercise Sets Reps
Pull Ups 4 AMAP
Army Crawls 4 20
Side Planks 3 ALAP
Sit Ups 4 20


Shoulders and Arms
Exercise Sets Reps
Front Lateral Raises 4 12
Side Lateral Raises 4 12
Rear Lateral Raises 4 12
Diamond Push Ups 4 20


Legs and Core
Exercise Sets Reps
Bodyweight Squats 4 20
Walking Lunges 4 20
Side Lunges 4 20
Crunches 4 AMAP
Planks 3 ALAP


Full Body
Exercise Sets Reps
Mountain Climbers 4 15
Army Crawls 5 10
Burpees 5 10
Jumping Jacks 5 15
Wall Sits 4 ALAP


Workout Tips

Okay so not all of these exercises are explicitly bodyweight only but I’ll tell you how to make them work.

* For lateral raises – I want you to take your book bag or find a sack and fill it full of canned goods or something that won’t be harmed using them as weights. This is a great way for you to get stronger and not have to spend a penny on any weights.

* Pull Ups – Unless you can find a tree or something sturdy to use for pull ups, I would recommend buying a pull up bar. Just like in the header picture, they can be removed from the door frame with no damage. I will be releasing more workouts shortly using this very bar, so it’s worth the money to buy it. Yes that is an affiliate link; help me keep the site running and use it if you want to buy the pull up bar.

* ALAP – As long as possible. I want to see you cry and collapse. When you feel like you can’t go any longer, you have another 5 seconds at least.

* AMAP – As many as possible. Once again, I want you to fail and try two more reps after that. Bodyweight exercises are not like getting pinned under a heavy ass squat.

* Nutrition – Eat right and make gains.


As always, leave me a comment or question if you have any, be sure to follow our social accounts, and get strong my friends.

149 thoughts on “Bodyweight Workout for Teens”

    1. Cameron,

      Yes. I think this workout would be great for a 14 year old. Body weight exercises at a young age helps with building muscle, strength, and improves balance and performance.

      Stick with it and eat as healthy as you can and I think you’ll like what you see after about 8 weeks of training. Get creative and add weight once the workout becomes too easy or really push the intensity by shortening the rest periods.

      Good luck, let me know how things go.


    2. Thanks a lot! I’ve been looking for a good workout like this! I’m starting today! And as a side note, I found a good muscle diet for 14 year olds on a website that looks something like this: (below). It just goes on top of normal meals and adds extra meals, and it also works well for school. Do you think it would be suitable for this workout?

      Meal 1:
      Egg Whites x4
      Apple x1


      Meal 2:
      Tuna x1 can
      Almonds x1 serving

      Meal 3:
      Chicken Breast x170 grams (6oz)
      Salad x2 cups

      Meal 4:
      Tuna x1 can
      Almonds x1 serving
      Peanuts x1 serving

    3. Cameron,

      Sounds good. I would watch weight and see, you may need a little more food but overall that’s a well rounded diet. Making sure it works well with parents and in school is important. Don’t worry if you have to eat some “dirty” items, you are growing and being active will burn it off.

      Let me know how things go!


    4. Thanks a lot! I’ll guess we’ll see in two months! I’ll let you know how everything goes. On top of this, could I fit in extra exercises, mainly aimed at the arms or chest, or would it be unhealthy?

    5. Getting a set of dumbbells wouldn’t hurt. There are a few different sets I like. The cheapest start will be going to like Dicks Sporting Goods and buying the old school twist on bar ends like this.

  1. So 8 weeks of doing this would give me good results? Should I do it in the morning or evening (limited time due to school), and what should I eat before/after the workout and throughout the day. Also how long would this take altogether? And also, for wall sits, it says 48. Does this mean 48 seconds? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks

    1. 8 weeks of solid consistent work should give you some good results. I would recommend working out whenever you feel you have the time to… the time of day doesn’t necessarily matter, it’s more of a preference.

      Keep eating like you do now, clean up your diet where you can and start taking your lunch if you can – you’ll have more control over what you’re eating and will help you see better results. I fixed wall sits, I meant to have 4 sets of as long as possible.

      Keep the questions coming,


  2. Thanks a lot for the answers!
    I did the Chest and Triceps section but it killed me. Should I reduce the sets or just have a longer rest before moving on?

    1. Try longer resting periods first. If you still are unable to finish without feeling obliterated, do half the sets and work your way up from there. Body weight workouts are hard so if you have to cut back half of the sets and build up you will see some great results. Keep up the work.


  3. I weigh 127 pounds. Apparently for 14 year olds, you are only supposed to have 40-60 pounds of protein a day, but I thought you should have one gram of protein for each pound of body weight? Also, how much protein should I be having before and after the workout? Thanks Cutty

    1. John,

      If you are staying active outside of the gym as well, I would say you could go up to 80 grams per day. Anything over that and I don’t think you are going to see any benefit from it.

      Having ~20 grams post workout should be great as well as some before you go to bed like some cottage cheese. Then evenly space the rest out through the day as you can – 20g with breakfast, 20g for lunch, etc..

      Try to consume as much of it in nutritious foods as you can.


  4. I have been doing some research, and apparently overworking can injure and cause permanent injuries. Is this workout overworking? Whenever I finish, I feel destroyed, but I feel good on the inside and I feel like I have made good progress. Whenever I feel like I can’t make it, I take a breath and push to the end, even if it is extremely tiring/hard on the part of the body I am working. I always think ‘No Pain No Gain’ but at what point is there too much pain?
    Thanks Cutty

    1. Generally overworking involves something like: You work at fedex all night moving packages, picking them up and moving them. Your shoulders get tired at work but that’s just part of the job… you go to the gym and hit shoulders and chest hard regularly and start to develop problems. The overworking from work along with the added stress from the gym and not training the proper antagonistic muscles (back for chest and shoulders) can lead to problems.

      Doing body weight exercises generally won’t lead to an overuse case, but if you start feeling like you are feeling flu like symptoms and start getting weaker, you could go for a week off and then maybe cut down the volume some. Some discomfort will come from pushing your body past its point of capabilities but for the most part it is fine. I always invite you to get checked out by a dr if you think you may be getting to injury point but I think you are tackling this routine at the right angle.


  5. Hey Cutty,

    Sorry for the abundance of questions, and thanks so much for answering my other ones, but I have some things I need to understand:
    How long after this workout should I eat protein? It usually takes me an hour to complete, and when I’m finished I immediately eat my 20-30g of protein through a variety of foods. Is this too early? How long should I wait?
    Also, could this workout stunt my growth? As I mentioned, I’m 14, and I have heard that weights could affect my growth. Is this true? I might be getting some more weights and a bench press soon, and I have read various sources that all have different opinions and answers, and if so, is this workout potentially damaging my height/growth?

    Thanks man

    1. John,

      While I’ll admit I haven’t trained many people under 18, I will say I know a lot of kids that train in the gym and do general exercising and they don’t have issues. I would consult with a doctor who actually lifts to get a better and more definite answer to that. The “anabolic window” isn’t like what most people make it out to be so don’t worry about the timing so much. The goal is to just get in plenty of protein and other nutritious foods. I like to have a shake on my drive home from the gym so that’s nice to have but I’ve also had similar results with training fasted and not eating for another 8 hrs and breaking my fast with a shake… it doesn’t matter that much.

      Doing bodyweight exercises certainly won’t have any adverse effects on your height or growth and I’m personally not convinced that weight training does (within reason). But consult your doctor if you have a concern about it.

      Keep in touch,


  6. Awesome Herring

    Do you have any examples from people who’ve done it? I mean like a before and after. I want to try it out but I’m not sure how effective it is

    1. No, most of the workouts I write on here I don’t generally hear from people other than how they are doing. This particular workout is more or less designed for those who have nothing and want to start getting in shape. I’m not a professional in calisthenics so I’m sure there are better routines out there for body weight training but this is what I offer.

      I would highly recommend using a weight training routine – you’ll gain more muscle and will be able to adjust food intake to reach your goals easier.

    1. Daniel,

      Thanks for letting me know about a typo. I use the same template for the table and I forgot to change from rep goal to reps. If you see some of my workouts that say “rep goal” it would mean you should strive for 48 reps over the course of 5 sets. Anyways I’ve fixed that last table and it should seem much more manageable.

      Thanks again,

  7. Are you supposed to do all of these at once, or do you do some of them, like Legs and core + Shoulder and arms.

    P.S I don’t think I can do 4 sets of 20 reps of pull ups

    1. Each different table is a different day. So you have 2 days rest per week. Legs and Core is one day, Full Body another, etc.

      I changed up the pull ups to “AMAP = As many as possible”. I know most can’t do that many. This is an older workout and I wasn’t as careful to attention here. I plan on making more routines soon that will require minimal equipment that you can buy from our store Strength Junkies.

  8. I’ve been doing a full body bodyweight workout every other day and most of my cardio on off days Felt I needed a better structured program like this because I wasn’t hitting every muscle group hard enough sometimes but where would cardio fit in? Just on the two off days or can I keep doing some lighter cardio on workout days. Thanks for the program good work !
    And is perfect calorie counting or watching macronutrient intake vital I’ve just been eating loads and keeping it balanced+clean idm some fat gain I need it haha

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Sounds like you’re doing it right. Everyone’s metabolism is different so you have to test to see what works best for you. Being consistent is important with whatever you do. If you eat x amount and no weight gain, add 200 calories and try again for 2 weeks, etc.

  9. I started thinking about strength training mostly because I was bored this summer. I’ve been doing nerd fitness’ beginner bodyweight workout, but I’ve been looking around more to make sure I’m not doing something wrong. What would you say?

    1. Steve is great and he writes some great stuff. If you are making progress with the bodyweight workouts then keep with them. Bodyweight/calisthenics are great and will get you into shape but lifting weights is a completely different feeling.

    1. The traditional way of warming up (like on bench) isn’t necessary here. I would say that doing 5 minutes of exercise like jumping jacks and mobility work to warm the body and muscles up would be beneficial.

  10. I’m 17 years old skinny
    Weight-56kg height-6.2ft
    Will this workout help me to gain weight and who much time will it take to gain 5 to 10 kgs or if possible can you send me before and after pictures of doing this workout for 2-3 months

    1. You’re going to have to start eating a bit but you’ll gain 5-10 kilo in about 5-6 months solid. Bodyweight workouts aren’t the best for building muscle but they work.

  11. Im 14 years old im let’s say i was skinny im avarage now i watched some workouts and im doing it for like 6-7 weeks i did’t have any diet and i still got alot of muscles and i didn’t use a pull up bar i was lifting my bag and done alot of pushups and know it’s all preety easy for me so should i get the pull bar and try your metod and should i start eating more?

    1. Eat a little more, either get some weights or a weighted vest so you can push yourself harder on body weight exercises and being able to do pull ups will definitely build a pretty nice back.

  12. I’m 16 years old, I weigh 90 kg and I’m 5ft 11. I’ve been looking for something to help me loss the fat especially around my stomach area. I used to do sports even tho i was still on the heavy side. Would this work for me?

    1. Yes, doing this routine, possibly adding some weight (like a weighted vest or using bands) you will be able to get some work in. Clean up your diet and keep up on your cardio and you should start to see your stomach get smaller.

      If you are interested in getting some equipment, let me know – I own Strength Junkies and I will get you a good deal on some equipment.

  13. Dear Cutty,

    First off thank you for creating this workout!

    Second. I am 14 years old, 175 cm (5 ft 8 or 9?) and I am 62 kilos. I am looking to get a visible core and more strength in my arms, do you think this routine will help me with my goal?

    Third. I am a bit confused. Say I do chest and triceps, do I perform all 5 exercises in a circuit, do I do one exercise, rest, do that exercise again till I have completed 4 sets or do I do one exercise, rest, do a different one from the list and repeat that till I have done 4 sets for every exercise?

    Again thank you very much, I hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Kieran,

      Thank you for the kind words. I think you will start to develop abs with a bit of work. Do you have much/any definition currently? If you do, tightening up your diet a little should help with the bloat/body fat you have. You are pretty light so becoming defined won’t be that hard. With bodyweight stuff you could do either a circuit or like you would in the gym, all sets and reps for that exercise at once before you go to the next. Doing it in a circuit may be funner and help with some conditioning so I would try it as circuit training first.

      Let me know how you progress!

    2. Dear Cutty,

      Thank you for the quick and informative response even though this thread is so old!
      I was wondering if I could replace the pullups with inverted rows with a grip that has your palms facing towards you?

      I have taken my before picture today as motivation and hopefully I will stick around with it to the end!

      I hope to hear from you soon!


    1. Eating foods that you or your parents have to actually cook and prepare will be your best bet. Taking raw ingredients and making something. You can eat in moderation other stuff, but everyone is designed different.

      Log what you eat, watch the scale and mirror, and go from there.

  14. How should I workout if I’m underweight like 110 pounds and 14 years old? Is it bad to do workouts if you are underweight?

    1. Working out adds mass and will increase your strength and athleticism. Eating more while you workout and exercise will help you add lean mass.

  15. Hey Cutty I was just wanting to know if you had anything that would improve pull-ups. I can’t do anything although I’m above average fit and athletic. I don’t have any shoulder muscle hardly, though. And my chest needs some improvement. So whatever you have would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Unfortunately, the only way to get stronger at pull ups is to do them. I would suggest buying some resistance bands and using them to help assist you. Essentially you would be lifting “less weight”. I would link you to some good bands that I sell but I have the site down for some upgrades. You can get a pack or buy them individually and basically stair step your way to not needing them.

  16. Would it be gud for me
    I am 16 years old 55kg and little bit skinny with some muscles (i am doing bodyweight from a time)
    I eat a good amt. (Quality) Of food

    1. Yeah it would be great. I would recommend adding some resistance to your workouts either with bands or like a weighted vest for some extra gains.

  17. Hey Cutty,

    I’m 16, 6’0″, 131 pounds. I would say I’m relatively weak, as in I can do about 10-15 normal pushups in one shot, so 4 sets of 20 seems mind-blowingly high for someone of my strength. Do you recommend that I cut down the reps or is there some alternative I haven’t encountered?

    On a separate note, amazingly clear guide with clear-cut muscle group workout sections. Best teen workout out I’ve seen out there, and thanks for taking the time to make this ๐Ÿ™‚

    With anticipation,

    1. Nitish, thank you for the kind words!

      There are two different ways you can address that. You can either do 4 sets of as many as you can, log them down and try to beat them. (even if you can only get out a few reps in your last set)
      You could also do pushups on your knees to finish out your set. So say you do 10 normal, do 10 on your knees. This is going to help overload your chest and triceps. Either way would work, just make sure you are trying to increase your overall reps each week.

      I plan on adding more content.. The end of 2016 and now going into 2017 has left some hard financial times so I have been chasing money to pay bills instead of writing articles. If you have any articles you’d like to see written, please let me know!

    2. Cutty,
      I’m sorry to hear that, but thank you so much for taking time out of your life to help us out with our workouts, your tips are immensely helpful!
      I hope things get better for you ๐Ÿ™‚


    3. Thanks Nitish, I like to help others achieve their goals so it’s only natural I try to do what I can to help. Once things get back in order, you’re going to see a completely new website.

  18. Hi im Ollie,
    Im 5 feet 6 inches and im 15….. I weigh just 48kg(105ish lbs) and I am very skinny . I already do a number of pushups, situps, pullups, and tricep dips each week…… i know that i CAN handle this workout but I have no idea if what im eating is enough or just unhealthy….. I can handle the workouts and hope to gain some muscle but, as i have heard “nutrition is key” any key tips as to what to eat and when to eat….
    Much appreciated,

    1. You’re going to have to eat more. A good rule of thumb is if you are cooking something from raw ingredients, then it’s going to be good. Generally anything premade is loaded with bad stuff so buying meat and cooking it, learning how to cook, vegetables, fruits, etc.. That’s going to help you gain weight. You’re going to have to eat a lot and really get some healthy calories in.

  19. Hi Cutty, I am thinking of starting this program for my self but right now I am training 4 times a week with my two other sports that I am practicing. So my question is if I should do this workout 5 times a week to 100% or if it would be god to reduce something? I would be really greatful if you could answer me as soon as possible so I can start my program as soon as possible. Sorry if it is a little bad english I am from Sweden.

    1. Doing bodyweight exercises or even weighted bodyweight exercises shouldn’t be too taxing on your body. Go 100% until you start seeing performance decreases in your sports. Once you notice a decrease, dial back the training a bit so you can keep staying athletic and perform well for your other sports.

    2. Thanks a lot Cutty, I am sorry for sending two comments, I thought that the first ond didn’t make it to you but I gave you some extra information there if it is anything I need to do before I start, food etc. //Simon

    3. Fortunately, bodyweight exercises don’t really need preparation compared to maybe a full gym free-weight lifting routine. I would invite you to check out my nutrition section to learn about how to build muscle by eating right.

  20. Hi Cutty I am 14 years old, 165 cm (5’3) and 50 kg (110 pounds). I wonder if this would be a great extra workout for when I allready train 4 times or more every week. Is it anything I need to think about before I start the workout? //Simon

    1. If you are already working out 4 or more times per week, I’m not sure how much more benefit you will gain from doing this. Might I suggest picking up a sport that will increase your athletic performance?

      It wouldn’t hurt to do this routine along with everything else, I just think you would be better off taking that time to recover from your pre-existing workout plans and maybe hit up some basketball or something similar.

  21. Ok thank you my thoughts was to focus on bodywheight training at home because I don’t have a gym card and I don’t have time for gym.

  22. Hi Cutty, cheers for the workout. I’m 14 years old and really skinny so I’m looking to gain muscle. I was wondering how I could do pull ups without a pull up bar and if i could start off this plan with a few less reps and sets considering my current strength and not wanting to overwork myself?

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you. For the reps, do what you can and strive to hit the reps as you go. It is going to be difficult for most people to hit those numbers, so don’t get discouraged if you cannot. For the pull ups, I would recommend getting a pull up bar, there really isn’t any other safe way to really hit your back without being sketchy. You may not know, but I also own Strength Junkies which is a fitness ecom store and I actually sell a mountless pull-up bar that is reasonably priced. I’ve been working on adding products and I do not have it up yet. Shoot me an email over if you talk to your parents about getting one – I would give you a fair deal since you are a reader. It is mountless and you can even use for push ups. A link from the manufacturer’s website to the pull up bar is here.

  23. Hi again Cutty I just did my shoulder and arm workout but before I did it I didn’t know what rear later raises was. So I looked it up one youtube and I found it wery similar to the side lateral raises. So I wonder if you could decribe the different or link to a video or an other website. //Simon

  24. Hi cutty, just wondering what one army crawl rep consists of because nearly everyone does it differently.

    1. I basically count it like 1 rep is 1 of each side. So if you start, (left right), (left right), (left right), (left right), (left right) would be 5 reps.

      Hope this helps!

  25. Avril Anne Rasca

    How many calories would you recommend me to eat and what would the macros percentages be? I am a 14 year old and 5 foot. I want to start doing these workouts.

  26. Do I do the entire workout 5 days a week? Or do I do a section perday? Also I see army crawls were put twice, if I do the entire workout in a day, do I do army crawls twice?


  27. Hey Curry, I’m 14 years old, 5’11, and weigh 135 pounds. I think I’m skinny fat, my belly protrudes about an inch more than my chest and my arms are very skinny, so should I modify the reps or sets in any way, or should I focus more on one area of my body more than the others.

    1. Ideally lifting weights would be best but if you start this workout, your body will start eating the fat and building muscle.. So you’ll recomp your body into 135 and more jacked than skinnyfat.

  28. I am planning to use this workout plan during the summer holidays. So far I have just started to decide which days I shall do each set on but, I want to also add running to this list. Where do you think I should place the running? Should I place it between the days in which I do ‘Chest and triceps’ and ‘Full Body’?

    1. If you like to run then add it in post lifting or on off days. Lifting takes a toll on your nervous system, so adding them into days you lift can be done, but do it after.

      If you already have a relatively good conditioning level, you could lift during the day and then run at night. Try it and see what works best for you.

    1. Cardio never hurt. The extra energy you’re spending to do the workout will help lose weight, but keeping your heart healthy is also helpful.

  29. Hey,
    I’m 16 and weigh about 65 kg ( I’m not sure what that is in pounds)…I’m kinda lean and would like to build some muscle, would this workout be a good workout to build?

    1. It would, start getting a few more calories in per day and you’ll start packing on some pounds. That’s about 140lbs, I’m not sure how tall you are but since you said you are lean, a slow 200-300 calories added to your diet daily should really start making some great lean gains.

  30. This workout has helped good but my arms are always destroyed after their workouts, should I half the tests or split the workout to two different times of the day?

    1. Work through the pain. Maybe make the exercises that are hard on your arm easier. So if your triceps are burned up after pushups, try to make some of them easier by using an elevated surface or use your knees.

      You will build up muscle endurance and build up plenty of strength with some patience and consistency. Soon you’ll be wondering why you even worried about it ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I am 15 and a half and I am 6 feet tall. I weigh about 150 pounds. I would describe myself as “skinny fat”. I am looking for a way to get toned with body weight exercises. Do you think this routine would work for me? And also on the exercise routine under the “Reps” sometimes instead of a number you put ALAP or AMAP. What do you mean by this? Thanks!

  32. Hello Cutty,

    Thanks for the reply! Especially considering this is such an old post.

    Now when I saw I want to be toned I’m not sure if that’s the correct word or not.

    Look at this guys profile

    If you scroll down you can see some shirtless pics. My goal is to look like that. Will I be able to achieve that only with this body weight exercise? If so how long will it take? If I can’t achieve that with only body weight exercises then what must I do in addition to body weight exercise to achieve it? Thanks again!

    1. It takes a while to build muscle and then get lean but it’s possible. When I was growing up my buddy did a similar workout and he had a better physique than him.

      Be dedicated to eating right and getting exercise in and you’ll see the results. Lifting weights speeds up the process, but it’d doable with body weight.

      Good luck and keep me updated.

    1. Just need to count calories and make sure you only eat enough for your goals then. You can either have a couple big chicken breasts and some rice or you can have a mcchicken…

  33. Hi, very nice guidance.
    I was wondering what the best way to get ripped and muscular at my house (without going to a gym, without major equipment, etc.) is.
    Are these exercises, along with some variation, enough to get ripped? Or are other weight-related exercises necessary?
    Also, what plant-based diet do you suggest?
    Thanks, Pranav

    1. Achieving a decent body at home with minimal equipment is possible, although it can take longer. Buying a few pieces of equipment can really speed up the process, and I can help with that.

      I would say doing bodyweight exercises and adding resistance when possible is going to be the easiest way to get started. While I don’t have many suggestions for a plant based diet, I have compiled a list of some vegetarian and vegan foods.

    1. A weight vest and adjustable dumbbells work mighty fine. You could even buy like gallons of water or put a couple bags of rice in a bag for weights. Get creative and let me know what you come up with.

      Are you in the US or outside? If you’re in the US I’ll link to some products I can ship to you.

  34. Hey cutty, I’m a little bit overweight but not too much and just started doing this and i wanted to know if you have to do all sets at the same time or you can divide it up over the whole day because i am able to do 1 set of each but when i get to the second set i just can’t do it anymore so i wanted to know if i can do the 4 sets divided up in a day

    1. For this, you could do this throughout the day and build up strength. I would also look into making the exercise easier until you build up more strength. Things like do pushups on your knees or elevated surface, etc.

      It’s a tough workout and if you aren’t used to doing these it can be difficult. The focus is to keep improving and getting stronger. You’ll notice after a few weeks you’re going to be able to do more than you thought you could.

  35. thanks for the tip, Instead of following the workout I’m trying to do as many reps of each exercise in as less sets possible and when i build up some strength I’ll start following the workout

    1. Or if it’s easier, split the reps in half per set. So if it is 10 reps for 4 sets (just pulling numbers out of my head) do 5 reps for as many sets as possible. If you make it to the 4th set go until you can’t. That way you can log and gauge your progress. It’s all about building strength and getting better at the movement. I would have a hard time doing some of these exercises and I’m a 500+ squatter and bench in the 300s so don’t get discouraged at all.

      It’s a journey so embrace it.

  36. Another question. Will I gain enough muscle weight from this that I will be able to cut calories and lose fat without losing weight?

    1. Don’t worry about what’s on the scale. Watch yourself in the mirror, how things fit, etc. Body recomp is slow and a little hard doing bodyweight lifts but yes you can recomp your body.

    1. It is more independent on the person but I generally do around 90 seconds for small stuff and a couple minutes for the harder exercises.

  37. I’m 14 and a half, I weigh 46kg (108 pounds) and I am 165cm tall which is pretty skinny. I am quite athletic as I like to exercise a lot but I don’t get a lot of gains from this workout even when I eat the right food and do the right workout. Could you please give me advice on how to get bigger with this workout

    1. You simply need to eat more. Your metabolism is fast and you need to start getting more protein in there so your body will build. If you aren’t eating more calories than you burn, you’re not going to make any gains.

  38. Hello !
    I am 14 years old and weight 70 kg,i am really fat even though I play European football alot , so my question is will this help me lose weight and then build up muscle ? And what type of diet should I follow ?

    1. Start by replacing any meal that’s “ready to eat” or frozen with nutritious foods. You are active but you must be overeating or drinking too many calories.

      Find where you are overeating and start trying to choose a more sensible diet. I eat about half of what I did now and I could still cut my caloric intake down. That’s not to say quit eating, but at the end of the day if you eat more than you burn, you gain weight.

      This will definitely help with health markers and get you started on the right path.

    1. Try them on your knees or find an elevated surface. A counter, table, chair, etc. The higher it is, the easier it will be. Start higher and work your way down to the floor.

      Hope this helps!

  39. Hi cutty, i’m 12 years old 163cm and weigh 42kg. Do you have any advice on how long it takes to get visible results?

    1. I would say if you’ve never really exercised before that you could start SEEING results in 3 weeks. You’ll feel a difference within a week though.

      Get as many nutritious foods into you, get some good protein in you, and get some healthy carbs. Ask your parents to start teaching you how to cook and start reading about nutrition. Self-teaching allows you to learn how you learn best and cooking will be a skill that you will use every day. Heck, if you like cooking, you could turn it into your career.

      So work hard and you’ll start feeling results probably within a week, seeing results within 3. By results I mean you’ll start really noticing a difference. You’re already pretty lean, already really tall for your age – so starting out now with a base learning nutrition could set you up for a healthy life.

      Let me know how it goes!

  40. Hi cutty, do you know of any extra leg exercises as they are by far my weakest area and I have quite a lot of fat on them. Also are there any other biceps workouts

    1. Find something heavier and hold onto it at your chest (like holding a gallon of milk or fill up a box with some stuff and hold it.. it’s basically a goblet or front squat. They will work your quads pretty well.

      For hamstrings I would say try to do some walking lunges.

      There’s not really too much you can do bodyweight wise with biceps – any pulling movement will work them. You could also put something heavier in a plastic sack and curl away. I usually grab my case of water and use it for fun haha.

  41. Do you have any before and after pictures you could show me. Also how long do you recommend I do this workout for.

    1. I don’t, although many have stated how much of an improvement they’ve seen. Bodyweight routines need to be constantly tweaked – if you can easily do this whole routine, I would suggest adding more intensity, weight, or volume to your training.

  42. Hey I’m a 14 year-old vegetarian and I was wondering if you have a better meal plan option that can fit a vegetarian plan. (Remember no fish, eggs, poultry, and meat)

    1. Your grandpa could do the routine. The only reason I mention for teens is you don’t need any equipment and you can train anywhere. Make some progress man!

  43. Hi Cutty, im 14 and only weigh 90 which is really skinny and I would like to know which workout routine to do. Do I do chest and triceps and also do legs and core one day or do I just do one of the two in one day. I would also like to what a good ab workout would be.

    1. Any exercise and resistance training will help you build muscle. You need to start eating more nutritious foods and slowly add in 150-300 calories extra per day. That’s how you will start gaining weight. You could do this routine, add in other exercises you see fit, and make progress.

      If you have weights, even better. But you don’t need any.

    1. Whole foods. Buy chicken, fish, beef, pork, sweet potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables. Throw in a little bit of what other stuff you like, but mostly eat whole, nutritious foods.

    1. Make an account at and start inputting what you eat. You’ll need to start measuring your food some if you want to get accurate.

  44. Also it is really difficult for me to do the chest and triceps workout I couldn’t do the close grip push up and the diamond pushups.

    1. Put your hands on an elevated surface or do them on the ground but use your knees. As your strength gets better doing them, you’ll eventually be able to do them regularly. Bodyweight exercise is hard, trust me.

    1. Aim for .5 or 1 pound per week. Any more and you’re going to put on a lot more fat than you want. If you were in the gym, you could aim for more… but bodyweight exercises can only elicit so much of a growth.

  45. Also on myfitnesspal what should I put down for the add exercise. For example when I do my chest and triceps there are no variations of the push ups.

    1. Just put regular push ups.. the calories burned are going to be different for all of us. The trick is to accurately capture what you can. For instance, someone who is 250 doing pushups will burn more calories than someone who is 180. There’s a lot of variables, but if you have a benchmark of what you are doing versus what’s happening… you can start figuring out what you need to do.

  46. Hi I’m 16 years old and weigh about 90 kg. I play tennis and was wondering if this program could help me lose weight and be more efficient in playing.

    1. Yes, start cleaning up your diet and working to get more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet. Focus on every move and exploding with great form.

  47. Hi, program looks good.
    Just wondering how I might go about progressing it when the movements start to get easy. Would I do this by simply increasing the reps/sets or would I find a way to add more weight to each exercise?
    Also how often should the progression change? – e.g. I add an extra set per week to the program.

    1. If possible increase the weight you use. If you can’t do that, increase the sets/reps or you can lower your rest periods and push yourself to do the same sets/reps in a quicker amount of time. Hope this helps!

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