5 Reasons Why You Should do a Log, Even if You Don’t Want to

Logs, everybody needs to use them no matter what their goals are; quit being lazy. Food logs, logs for your weight training, logs for your best times running are some examples. Here are 5 reasons why you should quit being lazy and use a log.

A log will show your progression (or lack thereof). When using a log you write down your progress daily. If you weight train, examples would be the weight, sets, reps, how did the weight feel, why you may have missed that last rep, etc.

When you start getting closer to your goal, you will have a trail of success that you can look back on if you ever need to achieve a similar goal.

A log shows you what will and will not work for you. When you consistently keep a log you will be able to look back at what helps you achieve your goals better or stalls them.

Knowing what will and will not work for you is crucial in every aspect. In weight training you will be able to look back and see what you did when you started stalling on your bench press. You will also be able to see that 20th set of curls you added to your program might not be paying off as well as you had hoped.

A log will show you the history of when you started your journey. Being able to look back 2 years ago and see when you first started in the gym how you were excited to be able to get your first 135 pound bench press really brings back good memories.

Nothing fights trolls better than being able to show your progression to a 315 pound bench; or curling 225 in the squat rack like many of you strive for.

A log will hold you accountable. A log is a way to hold yourself accountable and not allow any doubt in what you are doing; whether it be helping or hurting your goals.

People won’t use a log because they don’t want to be held responsible for failing at their goals; they would rather blame something else.

You can share your log with your friends. Finding a great community to share your progress and cultivate motivation is going to benefit you if you are in this to see results. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you get the information you need to ensure you reach your goals.

I would suggest stopping by Muscle and Brawn, the have a wonderful forum. You can host your logs there and encourage other users along their journey. Their forum is well taken care of and is full of many very experienced lifters willing to help you.

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