Bodyweight Workout for Teens

Bodyweight Workout For Teens

If you are trying to build muscle, this bodyweight workout for teens can help you burn some body fat, build some muscle, and improve your overall health. Building muscle as a teen can be hard due to lack of gym equipment, no way to get a consistent ride to the gym, or you may not … Read more

Try This Effective 3 Day Dumbbell Only Workout

Dumbbell Workout Routine

In This Article If a dumbbell only workout sounds like your cup of tea, you’re at the right place. This routine is designed for those who want to build some strength, build some muscle, and use only dumbbells. So now you don’t have any more excuses to not make gains. Diet and Nutrition Tips You … Read more

10 Best Squat Assistance Exercises

Barbell Back Squats

So you want to build a bigger barbell squat. First of all, congrats on performing one of the most hated exercises… even though it is rightfully referred to as the “king of all exercises.” The squat absolutely crushes your posterior chain, quads, upper back, and core. Your posterior chain consists of your calves, glutes, hamstrings, … Read more

4 Day Powerlifting Routine for Beginners to Try in 2021

4 Day Powerlifting Routine for Beginners

This powerlifting routine is designed for the beginner interested in strength training and competing in powerlifting. Topics covered in this article will include: Nutrition and Tips Supplementation Cardio/Conditioning Powerlifting Routine Schedule The Routine Exercise Substitutions Workout Tips Powerlifting is all over; chances are you’ve seen a video of someone lifting some heavy ass weight and … Read more