3 Day Mass Monster Split

Become A Mass Monster With This 3 Day Split

Goal Of This Workout

This workout routine runs for 12 weeks and is ideal for someone who really wants to beef up and get big.

Diet and Nutrition Tips

You are going to gain some muscle, some fat, and a lot of strength during this routine all in the name of becoming a mass monster.

I would recommend going on a slow bulk for this routine to get the most out of it. It is easier to cut some fat afterwards than trying to make strength gains on a calorie deficit.

If you keep your weight consistent and need some tips to add calories into your diet, here are some of the best and healthiest ways to do so:

  • Butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Whole milk
  • Heavy cream
  • Cheese on everything
  • Protein shakes
  • Peanut butter
  • Olive oil
  • Extra dressing

These all add flavor and healthy fats to your diet. Personally, I prefer adding calories through this means instead of going to McDonalds and smashing a couple McDoubles.

You will feel better, have more energy, and your stomach will thank you.

Note: A little bit goes a long way, so be sure to know how many calories you are adding.

The real “trick” to this routine is not necessarily the training, but the recovery and eating that go along with it.

This routine is going to get you bulked up and you will need to do a small cut after running this routine for 12 weeks, but the strength and muscle you gain is worth it.

Eat More

This routine is going to require you to eat 400 calories over your maintenance calories. This means if you’ve been “stalled” and haven’t been making any gains, add 400 calories to your day every day and you are going to start getting much stronger and bigger.

The cardio and conditioning work is going to help keep fat gains to a minimum but if you want to really pack on some muscle and get jacked, you’re going to have to get your grub on.

Time to bust out some of your favorite foods; eating too clean will be hard to get another 400 calories out of your diet, so get a cheeseburger or two every now and again.

Rest More

You are going to have to get plenty of rest so your body can recover and build muscle.

More rest with the additional food is going to really make a huge difference in how your body responds to a workout so the more rest you can get, the better.

De-Stress More

Stress puts a strain on your body and nervous system and keeps you from recovering as quickly. De-stress as much as you can.

Things like getting a  massage, meditation, hikes in the woods, listening to calming music, and just getting away from everything are great ways to help you de-stress.

Recommended Supplements

Without a good diet, supplementation is mostly a waste of money. I will be the first to tell you to spend money on some good meats than a jug of protein.

For those who have their diets in check, here are the supplements I would use with this routine.


MTS Nutrition Clash

I personally like apple mango, but all flavors are good.

This is a great blend without too many stimulants.


MTS Machine Whey Protein: 5lbs

This is in my opinion the best tasting protein on the market. Period.

Great blend with no secrets, no amino spiking, and it is some of the best in the industry.

So far I’ve had Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream, and Key Lime. All are A+.

MTS Nutrition Protein


MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel

Marc Lobliner has his sweetening on point with these supplements.

I’ve used mixed berry and grape and I love them both.


Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine

I have a review of Optimum Nutrition’s Creatine and it’s a tried and true supplement. It will help with performance and recovery. I highly recommend this.

Cardio and Conditioning Schedule

For the cardio and conditioning I want you to choose at least two different cardio machines you will use at the gym at least one activity outside of the gym.

Conditioning is important to your overall health and the better condition you are in, the more work you can do in the gym and be able to fully recover.


For your pre-workout, I want you to use a warm up routine where you will use one cardio machine for a 10 minute session.

No need to spend a lot of energy here, your main goal is to raise your heart rate and your core body temperature so you can do your workouts injury free.


Immediately after you are done training, I want you to hop on a different machine than the one you warmed up with.

You can switch which machines you use when as long as you use two different machines each day you train.

Hop on your machine and do 20-30 minutes of post-workout cardio.

You can use steady state or high intensity interval training for your cardio here.

I would recommend mixing it up and incorporating both into the mix.

This isn’t supposed to be a scientific approach, I just want you up and moving.

Outside Of The Gym

Once you are outside of the gym either on one of your rest days or a day that you trained, do some sort of activity. Find a sport you would like to play in, hike, go walking, ride a bike, or learn boxing. The possibilities are endless.

It makes no sense to only go to the gym and exercise when you can go outside of your house right now and enjoy your life. What good is having an athletic body or the ability to do amazing things when all we do is lift weights and then go sit at home?

If the sun bothers your eyes while exercising outside, you should check out these hiking sunglasses and pick up a pair you like. Offering multiple choices including best value and least expensive, you’ll be able to find a pair of glasses that will keep your eyes safe so you can train outside.

Workout Schedule

  • Monday – Chest, Triceps, Abs
  • Tuesday – Off
  • Wednesday – Back, Biceps, Traps
  • Thursday – Off
  • Friday – Legs, Shoulders, Abs
  • Saturday – Off
  • Sunday – Off

If your schedule doesn’t permit you to use this ideal schedule above, it is okay just go what days you can.

The benefit to this schedule is having a day of rest in between each training session and then 2 days in between the week.

Become A Mass Monster With This 3 Day Split

This 3 day split is pretty basic, there isn’t going to be anything special about this routine except that it uses the rep-goal system.

I’ve been having guys use this more often and have seen a lot of great results.

The best part about the rep-goal system is that it is auto-regulating and can achieve many different types of goals.

To make things simple; You have a set amount of reps you need to achieve and a certain amount of sets to get there.

For example if you have 5 sets to get 30 reps on bench; do not think of it as 5 sets of 6. Instead, go until you feel like you are about to fail each set until you reach 30.

My bench session sets today was: 12 reps, 10 reps, 6 reps, 2 reps. I’ve reached my rep goal of 30 and I got it within 5 sets.

I usually keep track in my head my next rep and start my second set with whatever the last set ended with.

Example: I finished my first set at 12, my second set I started at 13 and ended at 22, third set I started at 23 and ended at 28, fourth set I counted 29 and then 30.

Chest, Triceps, and Abs
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
Barbell Bench Press 4 30
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 5 35
Hammer Bench Press Machine 4 35
Close Grip Bench 3 25
Tricep Extensions 3 30
Rope Crunches 3 30
Planks 3 ALAP


Back, Biceps, and Traps
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
Deadlifts 4 20
1 Arm Dumbbell Row 4 25
Wide Grip Lat Pull Down 4 25
Barbell Preacher Curls 3 30
Hammer Curls 3 30
Face Pulls 4 40
Dumbbell Shrugs 5 60


Legs, Shoulders, and Abs
Exercise Sets Rep Goal
Squats 4 20
Leg Curls 3 30
Hack Squats 4 25
Military Press 4 30
Side Lateral Raise 4 25
Reverse Flys 4 30
Side Bends 3 50
Weighted Crunches 3 50

 Workout Tips

Deadlifts – Your rep goal is to hit 20 reps in 10 minutes. Treat each rep as a single and reset after each rep. Push yourself and work hard.

ALAP – As long as possible. Hold planks until absolute failure.

Rest Periods – Making the rest periods shorter is going to up the intensity and give you a massive pump. The goal is no longer than 45 seconds between sets, but if you are not ready after 45 seconds don’t push yourself to get injured.

Take these tips and run with them. If at the 12 weeks you are still making consistent gains, take a couple of weeks off and hit some more cardio and do a small calorie cut to get rid of some of the fat you gained this cycle.

You are going to be building a lot of strength and muscle and I’m confident you are going to like the results.


Sharing is caring, and as always leave any comments or questions below!

3 Day Split FAQ

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is a 3 Day Split Enough to Build Muscle?” answer-0=”The best 3-day split will include work on all muscle groups, allows enough rest between workouts, and should include plenty of compound movements. Consistency is key.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”What is a 3 Day Split Workout Routine?” answer-1=”A split workout routine splits your muscles into different groups. Your workout will have you train for three days. The split means you can train harder in the gym, recover faster, and maintain consistent improvement.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Can You Make Gains Training 3 Times a Week?” answer-2=”The secret behind making gains is consistency and progressive overload. Strive to add weight or reps every workout, and you get a grasp on your nutrition, you’ll make gains.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”How Long Should a Gym Session Be?” answer-3=”Look, getting into the gym and doing anything at all is more than you are now. How long it takes in the gym depends on the workout routine, your level of fitness, and if you screw around in the gym. Typically, 45 to 60 minutes should be more than enough time in the gym.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

155 thoughts on “Become A Mass Monster With This 3 Day Split”

  1. Donte Davis Sr.

    Great article and workout…can’t wait to get to workout for the second time today just to do this workout. Question is how heavy should I lift…

  2. Hey, just wondering if it makes any difference if I go for 30 reps in 3 sets instead of 4 on the bench press for example?

    1. It’s okay to complete your reps in 3, just keep adding weight progressively.. you’re going to come to a point where that 4th set you are going to barely get the 1 or 2 last reps you need.

      Don’t jump up a lot it won’t work out well you will end up frying your nervous system, but basically you just started a little light. Don’t worry about it and keep pushing like you are.. Like I said eventually you’re going to have to really struggle to get those last reps.

      Fat loss is made in the kitchen. Add in some healthy foods and quit eating as much junk, do a little conditioning, and bust your ass to lose fat.


  3. Sorry I have another question. Is this still a good routine for fat loss? or would you recommend full body? or does it not really make any difference if diet is ok?

  4. Hi, Cutty. I got a quiestion for you:
    im making workouts for periods that means that i do 12 weeks in hig reps for muscle definition and im doing other 10 to 12 weeks for muscle bulking up, right? so…in this routine you ,re suggesting here, we are talking about lifting big weights. for example i got to do 4 x 30 as a goal rep in bench presses with 110kg. (242 punds). should i warm up adding weight until 242lb and then begin the first set or should i make the 4 sets x 30 goal reps directly?

    1. Always warm up. Each person is different in regards to warming up but always always warm up. You’re going to be much stronger when your core is warmed up and your nervous system is ready to produce power.

      Keep up the work and let me know how you’re progressing!

      Thanks for the kind words.


  5. Hey Cutty,

    I’ve been doing full body routines for a while and moved to this 3 day split. The main problem i’m having is that after a couple of exercises Im struggling to lift much because my muscles are fatigued. As a result the weights Im lifting are not very heavy on the 2nd or 3rd exercise.

    1. Matt,

      Building muscle endurance and muscle strength takes practice like anything else. If you stick with the routine and really focus on your weaknesses and build strong everything, you are going to notice a huge increase overall in performance.

      Don’t worry about what weight you are lifting, focus on increasing them consistently. The big weights will come, my friend.


    1. Natural athletes will notice a counterproductive response running this 6 days a week. You simply don’t recover fast enough.


  6. Hey cutty I was wondering if you make a barbell upper body mass workout since I got a home gym and only one dumbbell and a weight set. I look like a twig from my upper body but my legs are thick compared to everything else and it looks weird. I have 1 barbell.

  7. What is a “face pull”?

    I work out at home and dont have the machines. Are there alternatives to hammer bench machine, rope crunches, lat pulldown and leg curls?

    1. No problem. EZ Bar Curls would work or if you have dumbbells, concentration curls would be good as well.


  8. hello cutty.
    in program “a mass monster with this 3 day split” how many sets could be good for deadlifts when rep goal is 20?


    1. Jaako,

      Thanks for asking about deadlift sets. I’m not sure why I had a – instead of a set number. I changed it to 4.


  9. Hey cutty,

    For these sets do you try to keep the weight same for the amount of reps ex 30 reps you keep the weight the same ? Thanks


    1. Paulose,

      Yes, keep the same weight for all reps. If you’ve never tried it.. it’s a bit different than “ramping up” but it works well… Just be sure to warm up enough.


    1. Mark,

      Generally it is because you aren’t using enough weight. For weighted crunches, don’t be afraid to stack some weight on to crunch with… The only other feasible thing to do would be to add some more volume.


  10. Thanks Cutty! I already started this routine and hopefully works for me. I’m really having a hard time in getting being bulky. I only weigh 130lbs and lil bit toned, but I wanted more. Thanks for this!

  11. Hi Cutty,
    What is you best 3-day programme for muscle growth? I have trained many years regularly, but yet I need the additional muscle growth.

    1. All of them are unique but equally powerful. As long as you are getting enough quality calories, you should build a fair amount of muscle.


  12. Hi cutty, on ur monster mass 3 day split do you stick to the same weight until u get ur rep goal then move up the week after aww can u put weight on as u do ur sets

    1. Do your warm ups and then use the same weight for each set. This is a bit different than the pyramid style. I really like it and the new struggles you encounter. Move up the next week if you get all of the reps.

    2. Pete,

      No, your warmups aren’t counted in the rep goal. Once you get to your “working weight” that’s when you start counting.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


    3. Will do, just quick question am avin 2 scoops of whey wiv almond nuts before bed 10.30pm is that gud food before bed cutty

    4. Hi cutty, on ur 3 day split which iv started at the middle march wud I start d cardio at the end of 12 weeks an just put all my weight size on first?

    5. For someone who isn’t looking to lose a lot of fat, a slow and steady cardio will help with active recovery. I would recommend doing around 5 minutes pre workout and maybe 10 minutes post workout. It’ll help with recovery and it’ll help get more blood and nutrients to the muscles you just trained.

  13. hey man i injured my miniscus and i really want to try this programm.
    doctor told me not to squat nor deadlift just do very light weight for my legs. what do u recommend me to do ?

    1. Ouch man, I’m sorry to hear. I’m not a physician so I can’t really give any advice on an injured miniscus. I would ask him on exercises you can do.

      Other than that be easy on it and really hit some upper body and skip some leg workouts other than your rehab.

  14. Hi cutty when u do cardio an condition on ur monster mass 3 day split wud u still lift heavy an get 2 ur rep goal

    1. I usually advise 5-10 minutes pre workout and then 10-30 post workout depending on goals. Lift as heavy as possible every day brother 🙂

    1. There’s no reason other than I just didn’t put any in. If you want to do some calf work you can add it in on chest and leg day. Pick whatever exercise you find the most effective.


  15. Hi mate, tried this workout today, started on back, I did 8, 6, 4 , 2… I felt I could increase the weight on the 4 and 2 so I did, is this correct if this is the case should my starting weight be more?? I wanted to max out on the last two reps? What’s your views

    1. For rep goal system you want to keep the same weight and keep doing the reps until you can’t. Once you hit the amount of reps in your goal that’s when you stop.

      I mean using a reverse pyramid works too but this workout wasn’t designed with that in mind.

  16. Cheers mate, I guess as its my first week it’s a bit of trial and error of how many reps I can get out at each weight and at least I will know that next week I should start heavier and stay on the same weight. Thanks mate. Enjoying it so far

    1. Whenever I start a new rep theme or try out something new it usually takes a week or two to start getting dialed in. That’s generally why I tell people to give a routine at least 8-12 weeks because many programs build that into the program. Hell on MadCow 5×5 when I ran it a long time ago would take up until the 5th week before you start even doing weights above what you originally could do.

      Good luck, keep in touch!

  17. hey cutty , about deadlift.. can i replace it ..? i just dont like it.. if yes tell me which exercise can i replace it with

  18. Cutty,
    Truly great website w/ great information. Just wrapped up 12 weeks of the 3 day split for mass. Fantastic program. Followed your guidance for in/out of the gym & really worked hard in the gym. I had not heard of rep goals before reading about them here. Looking back, it is an awesome approach. It was tuff sledding for 12 weeks. At times I hated it,… but I loved it too. Have so many people asking me how I was training b/c of the tangible results. I direct them to your website. Also the article on 21 muscle building mistakes is epic. I’m taking 2 weeks off before jumping into something else – either the 3 day power and pump or the 4 day power and muscle.

    Thanks. ED

    1. Ed,

      That’s great news. I’m glad that you have had great results. I’m glad the routines are straightforward and thank you for showing people the website! I learned the rep goal system from someone else and I plan on writing my own page about it so I can refer people to that page when needed. The rep goal system is completely different than doing pyramids or anything else – I personally like it. If I were prepping for a powerlifting meet I probably wouldn’t use this technique… but I may use it on the accessory work.

      I’ve been coming up with new ideas for articles so if you have anything you would like me to cover, please let me know! Be sure to keep in touch so I can hear about your progress 🙂


  19. Just in short, how do you progress in this routine? Do you always stick with the same rep-goal, and just alter the weight over time to hit the constant rep goal, or do you do something else? Wanting to start this routine but im not sure how to progress!

    1. Yes the general rule is if you hit the rep goal – add lbs next time (5lbs or next increment). Once you start failing to hit all of your reps in the rep goal then you start keeping track of how many reps in how many sets you get. So if you’re stuck on a 225 bench but you are able to get all but 4 reps – you try next week to get those remaining 4 reps. Maybe you get all but 2, etc. You would progress just as you would any other type of rep scheme, this just gives you a better feel of how you are progressing.

  20. Great workout.

    Do you have any suggestions on a nutrition plan that would go along this workout routine?
    My greatest concern is my late-night workout. I start at 9PM and finish around 10:30PM.

    I wake up at 6:30AM and start a day with a protein+fat breakfast.
    Lunch is veggies (stew or something) and protein. Some snack around 3PM with yogurt and nuts. Early pre-workout (around 6PM) dinner is protein+carbs.
    Immediately after a workout I take protein drink, and 30-60min later I eat cottage cheese with some peanut butter.

    I ask this “should I change anything” because I’m stalled with body recomposition and don’t really know in which direction should I go.

    Thank you in advance,

    P.S. I’m 36 years old, 190cm in height and 105kg weight; going to gym for the last 4 years or so

    1. Sounds like you’re on the right track. If you can get another protein shake in throughout the day, it may help. Adding 100-200 extra calories a day will be all it needs to start recomping some more. You seem to keep carbs down so I think if you sway either one way or the other – add or remove 100-200 calories, you’re going to start noticing a difference. If you would rather cut a few pounds than gain a few (even though later on it will even out) you could remove 100-200 cal a day.

      Otherwise I think you are doing good. Maybe manipulate water consumption and maybe add in a little more cardio/conditioning work.

      Keep it up.

  21. With the 3 day split are the conditioning days done on non weight training days? What is the preferred method; liss or hiit? Is the duration of cardio going to be the standard 20-30 minutes?

    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve not paid much attention the last few days to a lot of stuff I should have. You can do either – I would recommend liss if you do conditioning on training days and hiit on non-training days. This article was written with the idea of “not going every day to the gym” so doing your conditioning immediately after your weight training is how it is written but whichever way is best for you.

  22. Hey there,I’m thinking of going your plan a go,just asking that what happens after the 12 weeks,do I stick to the same plan or I have to go to another one(provided it has positive results)

    1. Just like what Ronnie Coleman believes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you’re noticing progress and making gains then I would say to keep running it until you start running into plateaus.

  23. Hi Cutty,
    I’ve read, and completed so many workout plans and I’ve never seen one like this… I’m really intrigued and excited. I really like the Rep Goal system.. while I am sure it’s not the intended purpose, I feel like it takes a lot of the thinking and extra time out of the workout, which makes it perfect for my AM workouts before heading into work. I’ll post some updates once I get into this starting next week.

    1. When I switched to it rather than prescribed reps, I felt as if I accomplished more than I would have if I would have stopped. It is somewhat self-regulating which means some sessions will really kick some butt while other sessions may not be the best. It’s pretty good.

      Definitely keep me posted.

    2. End of Week 1
      Just an update. I am into my 2nd week and really loving this workout. I feel really accomplished when I am leaving the Gym. I was a little bit nervous about only working out 3 days a week, but I am finding that the Quality over Quantity really offers something significant; post workout/post workout week I feel as I did during the days I was working out 4-5 days. The 45 seconds in between sets is pretty insane, but I like it a lot. I’ll have to admit it is pretty humbling relative to the low weights I am throwing around, as my muscles are getting fatigued pretty significantly prior to reaching the Rep Goal. However, I was out of the Gym for a couple of months, so I am sure that has a lot to do with it. Looking forward to finishing week 2!

    3. Looking great Dan. You will gain more muscle endurance back – working on your conditioning also will help with muscle endurance so the more you push the better it will get.

      The rep goal system is challenging and I really like the way it makes you feel.

      I’m glad to hear things are going great. I can’t wait to hear more updates 🙂

  24. This looks like a great routine. As for the high reps, would you suggest moderate weight, light, or heavy, I’m just trying to rap my mind around the amount of reps per exercise

    1. The easiest way to look at the rep goal system is to see how many sets and what your rep goal is. 3 sets with a rep goal of 30 is 3 sets of 10. Pick a weight you can do 3 sets of 10 with and work from there. Same as a 5 sets with a rep goal of 25.. 5×5 and then pick the weight that you can do a 5×5 of.

      The cool thing about the rep goal for me personally is that I can turn an ordinary lift into something amazing. Sure I just hit 5 reps on a 5 sets with a goal of 25, but let me see if I can get 7… it’s a nice way to gauge your progress. If you didn’t hit your rep goal, next week you’ll see that you’re able to lift it and you picked up a rep in the second set. I plan on creating a huge article on it and I’ll go over different tips and tricks for it soon.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  25. Hi cutty,
    Thank you for this workout. I’ll start this week.
    Is 45 seconds rest between sets sufficient to gain strength?
    The rest is also 45 seconds between sets?

    1. Sebastien, if you need to take a little bit longer on big compound exercises, you can.. no need to go when you aren’t ready. I generally train in a 60-90 second rest for heavy compounds, but my conditioning isn’t as great as it could be.

    2. Thank you for the answer. I did the first workout and I have one more question. When I finished the exercises for the pecs, my triceps are already very tired. It is possible to do a session “Chest + Biceps” and “Back + Triceps” instead? What do you think?

    3. Switch up the exercises so that it serves you best. Put the exercises that take the most energy and do them first. Other than that, you can do them in whatever order you would like!

    1. I’m glad to hear it! I feel that incline dumbbell press helps with your stabilizer muscles, but you can swap it if you like that better.

  26. Sounds like a good workout plan, excited to try it out!

    I replaced some of the ab exercises and incorporated exercises like; starfish crunch, twisting pistons and variation of one up two down(legs).

    Side note: How long does each workout usually take? can it be completed within an hour?


    1. Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it. Those exercises would be great to use instead. Whenever I have someone run them it seems to be about an hour depending on how much you hustle in between sets.

      Let me know how it goes.

  27. I usually rest about 45-60 seconds between sets. My previous program was taking way too long to complete haha. You can check it out if you wish, it’s called “bones to buff in 30 days” BB program.

  28. Hey Cutty, great plan. I’ve had shoulder pain for about a year before I started this plan. With this plan the pain is less severe each week and now it’s almost gone, so thanks!

    I have a question. Can I adapt a similar routine for hypertrophy training (3-4 sets, 8-12 reps)? Because the selection of exercises seems to be beneficial for my shoulder, but I’d like to mix it up after 3 months of doing this plan. I’d also like to add 1 more workout to the week, only for arms (having trouble getting those guns). Is that a good idea?

    1. Gregor, I’m glad to hear your shoulder is healing up. I’ve had shoulder issues a few times and it’s not fun at all. Keep up with the good work. Any workout can work if you consistently stick to it and have a good choice of exercises. Changing up the intensity and volume works well and I think if you balance it right that you could certainly add in another day of training. Although, I will mention that your guns can come out much quicker by losing any excess body fat. I don’t remember what your weight is currently, but shredding some fat will definitely get the veins going and help improve the look of your arms. If you were to add another day in for arms, I would add in more core work and some sort of HIIT training for conditioning.

  29. Hey Cutty!

    If i want to train 4 days per week, would it be a problem to start over the routine after the 3rd day? (So on the 4th day of the week i will do again the first day i did that week)

    1. For how this routine is designed, yes. If it as one of my 2 or 3 day alternating workout then it wouldn’t be an issue.. but this is built to give you enough volume and enough recovery time. You could throw in a few exercises you like but nothing super-taxing on your body.

  30. Hey mate, how long should these workouts last ? And will this only work for beginners or can I continue to use this for as long as I want ?

    1. If it works, run with it. For time, there’s really no set amount of time it takes, but around an hour would be my guess. It all depends on your conditioning and how focused you are.

  31. Hey! My friend and I do this work out together and we’ve been arguing about the 1 arm DB rows. He thinks it’s 25 for both arms, where I think it’s 25 PER arm (so 50 together). Can you clear this for us, please? Thanks!

  32. Hey Cutty.
    I’ve been doing this program for a few weeks now and had a question on the bench press.
    I can’t really bench much and I end up replacing the bench press with a smith machine bench press on Monday’s chest workouts. Should I continue to do this?

    1. Smith machine is forcing your shoulders to follow a straight line that is not natural. I would advise against replacing bench with smith machine, maybe try dumbbell bench.

      Benching is one of my weak points and I just push through it.. try to keep the weight light and just hit your reps. Record your sets and try to see what’s going wrong. I would invite you to check out my build a bigger bench article and try out some of those tips as well.

  33. Don’t know if i’m over-thinking but how should you track progress if the gym is busy so you have to change the order of exercises. As an example, if I had to do curls before lat pulldown – Im likely to be more fatigued on lat pulldiown than if I did them the other way around (the correct order)

    Also, assuming rests time so be kept the same each time?

    1. As long as you do the main compound movements first (even if you have to wait), the others don’t have to be in any specific order. Put emphasis on the big lifts and finish the smaller lifts afterwards. If you simply can’t, start with the least-taxing exercises and move on from there.

  34. Cutty,
    Your workouts are the real deal – no doubt. I ran a few of them over the past year. I particularly loved the 3-Day Mass Monster.

    I’m a career U.S. Marine & have been lifting for years. I’m not sure how I came across your site, but am sure as hell glad that I did. I have tried a lot of different workouts over the years, but nothing has worked near as well as those you list.

    A lot of science here. I followed your advice to the letter. I worked hard and got in the zone of focus. Good diet. Good supplementation. Plenty of calories, rest and intensity.

    What really solidified my conclusion, was a conversation I had in the base gym with a fellow Marine – much younger kid than me, who I had seen at the gym over many months – after running 14 weeks of the Mass Monster. Out of the blue he asked me, “What workout do you do?” I asked him why he asked. His response “Because it obviously works!”

    I then proceeded to tell him about your website.

    Thanks Cutty,

    1. Ed, the kind words are overpowering me and I am honestly touched that you reached out. I’m glad you’ve found my website and even more happy that you’ve been able to find some great improvements with the workout.

      Thank you for what you do for our country and keep up the good work. I plan on releasing more workouts soon. Our sister site The Byrn also has some great workouts for females if you know any that would benefit from them.

  35. Hi cutty, following this for my bulk, quick question do I need to cut first 13.6% body fat. Also I am doing cardio on the weight days 3-4km and HIIT training on my off days. Preparing for Royal Navy officer physical


    1. Just worry more about conditioning level and being fit more than body fat percentage. I think 13 is relatively lean already so a slow clean bulk would work well.

    2. Thanks cutty also which programme do you recommend during cutting. Or will this suffice as a full body conditioning with gradual increase in lifting weight over time

  36. Hi cutty, thanks for response, also for cutting would this be good to keep following as a 3 day split or would you recommend a different one of your 3 day splits. Also during last set or so, form starts to compromise, would you recommend adding a extra set in this case?

    1. The cut is just calorie deficit, no need to change workouts because of it. Form will degrade as you push yourself harder. Just have a cutoff on how bad you want to let your form get and keep striving to achieve more.

  37. Hi cutty, I have a question regarding deadlift.
    Your instruction for deadlift is the following.
    Deadlifts – Your rep goal is to hit 20 reps in 10 minutes. Treat each rep as a single and reset after each rep. Push yourself and work hard.
    Could you explain more what do you mean ” Treat each rep as a single and reset after each rep”?
    Does it means I need to hit 20 reps in each set? and the 4 sets should be done in 10 minutes?

    1. You have to average 2 reps per minute. You must drop it, step back, step back to it, set up and pull.

      This teaches proper form and gives you the ability to learn proper form and learn what’s going to work for you.

    1. To truly progress you should aim to complete a workout for at least 8 to 12 weeks. Most workouts don’t generally “push you” until later on in the workout. Don’t shortchange yourself by switching routines often.

  38. Everything is kept so simple yet effective! I did a lazy chest day and have a tiny foot injury. So killing back is perfect! I love what you have on this page

  39. Apparently Certain muscles such as biceps and triceps can be done twice a week, would you advise that in this routine? If so, how would you fit it in?

    1. Any pulling exercise emphasizes bicep recruitment while every press recruits triceps.

      Lifting heavy compound lifts will elicit more of a hormonal response than standing there doing endless curls and tricep extensions.

      I have many clients who never do more than 1 or two isolation exercises per bicep/tricep and have a well-balanced physique.

      Add them in if you feel necessary, but they aren’t when you lift heavy.

  40. I work Monday through Thursday and can only use the gym on friday-sunday. Would this workout be useful to do Friday Saturday and Sunday without a rest in between?

  41. Hi cutty
    Can you give me a hypertrophy superset 3 day a week routine.I have done different training methods and enjoy superset training plus it suits my weekly schedule outside the gym.is agonist or antagonist better for gaining muscle mass?.
    Many thanks Alan

    1. I’ll work on one. Either way you train is great for muscle mass. But I’d invite you to think about training antagonist for athletic balance and performance.

      Both will grow muscles but when you train antagonistically, you are ensuring you are not overdeveloping.

    1. Yes, many do not train properly and they develop imbalances. It’s why you see people who don’t work back but bench so much that their shoulders do not track right. Bang out your weaknesses and consistently push yourself for great progress.

  42. Hi Cutty, just found this workout and really like the look of it, I just have a question please. I am 62 and regular gym user, do you think this would suit someone of my age ?

    1. The exercises are great and since you are a regular gym goer, I would say yes. I would start with a lower intensity or cutting the volume down and slowly add up to assess your fitness levels.

      There’s no need to jump full-bore into this, so ease into it and assess and then push it. I know a few friends who are 55-70 and they train similarly.

      Good form, eat right, and do the work. You know this already though 🙂

  43. hi cutty, I want to start you monster mass 3 day program. it looks great. im using a home gym with barbells ,dumbells and bench, squat rack , pull up bar.. you said an alternative to face pulls is the bent over lateral raise.. and then in the 3rd day on the shoulder exercises you said to do reverse flys. is reverse flys also a rear deltoid movement and wouldn’t that be hitting that same rear deltoid muscle on both days?

    1. Yes, they are the same thing. I recommend still performing them on both days. They are a small muscle and doing this will help them out. Most rear delts are under developed due to pressing that you do. You could do standing lateral raises instead if you’d like.

    1. If you are underweight, bump your calories up 300-400 calories. So if you’ve been eating 2000, eat 2300-2400. If you are looking to build muscle, eat 400 more on your training days.

    1. You could do a pyramid approach, but I’ve had a lot of success with clients by warming up to your work weight and then perform that weight every set. It’s a different type of challenge and it helps save energy having to change weights every set.

      Give both a try for a couple of weeks and see which one you prefer. Everyone is different, but I’ve had a lot of success with using the same work weight.


    1. It definitely will work if you put in the effort. I’m working on updating all of my articles here shortly with new and improved everything so be sure to check back.

  45. Hi , Cutty! A long time no see your website.. many Years I,ve been read this program. I come backup to read this again couple days ago by Curiosity, wondering if this workout is still exist and ¡!¡BOOOM!¡! Yes it is.. But for unknown reason I never try to do it. Maybe I go for it next week…. What do You Say about?

    1. You should definitely start. Don’t get overwhelmed by any of it – they are all easy movements that you slowly can up the weight with. 🙂 I’m glad to see you’ve returned!

  46. I almost forgot… I got a question about Rep goal method. When could I do wheight increments? What’s The progression manner?

    1. If you reach the rep goal for that exercise and weight, bump up 5 to 10 pounds the next week. Only up the weight once you are able to complete all of the reps. If you can’t get all of the reps, the next week you will use the same weight and strive to rep them all out.

      Good luck!

  47. Hi Cutty. There is something about dead lifts. Do I got to do reps, one by one as a rest pause between reps during 10minutes? Wich means that I,ll do them with very heavy wheight? I just under stand that I have 4 sets to achieve 20 reps and that,s all…. Your answer would be greatfull .

    1. You push yourself to achieve 20 reps within 10 minutes. Use something that you could hit 12-15 reps with in one set and start with that weight. Letting the weight dead stop and re-initiating the pull will be much harder than bouncing or otherwise “repping” it out. If you achieve 20 reps, take a rest for two minutes and repeat for 4 sets.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  48. So do I got complete 4sets x 20 reps in 10 minutes? Because I did 13 reps with 90kg, at The first set, then 10 reps at The second set, then i,m just achieve 8 reps at The 3rd set at The last time. And now I could do 20 reps, 15 reps and 10 reps with The same poundage but I didn,t do the Fourth set because The 10 minutes time was over… And it’s, really hardcore effort to Doit. It feals great but I don,t know if I,m doing it right.. But The progressions that I,m making, during 5 weeks, are incredible.. thnx a Lot for it….

    1. The great thing about training like this is it doesn’t seem like you are progressing, but as you see you are building a lot of strength. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll get there. Pushing yourself to the time limit and maximizing each set means you are able to improve your conditioning, work output, strength, and overall health.

      You’re doing just fine, keep pushing yourself and keep me up to date on how your training is going!

  49. Cutty!¡ How You doing? I have concluded My 7th. Week today with this program. So I Saw my workout recodrs and it seems that there was not much progression but HELL IT DOES!¡ It works. Just an example: I begun with 4x30x70lb. In millitary presses, from The 1rst week, then I did 4x18x115lb last friday. And now I got 4×24 with the same weight. But it seems that is not too much but it is, because I did 18 reps in 3 sets and 6 reps more at 4th set achieving 24reps with 115lb as Well. I got 5 weeks more left and l,ll see what happens until then… I got a question by the way…. Do You know something about INTERMITENT FASTING? What,s your opinion about it? See You soon….

    1. Great job! It doesn’t seem like you are progressing but you are. That’s what’s great about this training style. I personally like intermittent fasting. The main thing for someone looking into IF is your why. Studies both show that IF can help, but there are also studies that show IF isn’t as helpful as some think. I personally like it because when I DO eat, I get to eat a bigger meal. I prefer running a 20 hour fasted window and a 4 hour eating window. Most will start with 16 hour fasted and 8 hours of eating.

      I personally prefer it. If you want to try it out, it will take at least two to three weeks before your body will be acclimated with it. You’ll feel a bit of hunger, but once you’ve gotten into the routine, it’s pretty easy.

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