Schiek Lifting Straps with Dowel

2020 Product Review: Schiek Lifting Straps with Dowel

So there you are, sitting there with your sweaty hands and can’t lift the weight because you don’t have any lifting straps.

You can’t use chalk and you know you can lift more. “Don’t lift it if you have to use straps” is a pretty common saying. While you should make sure your grip strength is plentiful, you shouldn’t let it keep you from overloading you back and posterior muscles.

Lifting straps are great for those who can’t use chalk and they are great to have in your bag of tricks when you’re training. They can allow you to lift with more power and train more lifts to failure. You don’t need to use straps on every set of your pulling moves, but don’t let your grip keep you from deadlifting or rowing huge. They are a valuable addition to your gym bag.


A buddy got me to come to the gym in 2010 and he let me try these straps on. I loved them. I used to race motocross so my grip strength has always been decent, but this allowed me to pull with a lot more force.

I’ve had two pair since 2010 and I still use them today in 2020. They are strong, comfortable enough, and have just the right sized dowel to wedge in for a lift, but still allow you to bail on the lift if needed.


Schiek Lifting Straps with Dowel

I’m definitely not strong by any means, but they hold up to 605 pound deadflits and 315+ pound bent over barbell rows.

These straps are comfortable enough and don’t tear up your fingers like I’ve had other straps. They are just the right size for most regular Olympic barbells, dumbbells, and most hand attachments for a cable machine.



When I say comfortable enough, I mean “as comfortable as something attached to my extremities to help me pick up 600 pounds.” Sometimes you’ll get bruises or marks — it’s a lot of pressure. It doesn’t hurt, and if you’ve ever worn tight wrist wraps on the bench, then you are familiar with what I mean.

They are not plush, but they do the job well.

Overall I give this product a 5/5

These straps have held up and are very strong. They wrap perfectly and hold any weight I’ve been able to throw at them so far. For the price you can’t beat them.

I don’t see many at local shops, I bought mine from Amazon and I couldn’t be any happier.

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