Kali Muscle’s Hyphy Mud: Is It A Legit Pre-Workout?

A great actor and bodybuilder named Kali Muscle has been gaining popularity online and on TV. I decided to review Hyphy Mud, a pre-workout made popular by Kali that prisoners use. The idea is to have a great pre-workout using only what is available in prison.

What does Hyphy Mud stand for?

Hyphy is a term that came from California which basically means “hyperactive.” Some call it crunk, geeked, etc.

Mud stands for “Makes U Dangerous.” If I have to spell it out anymore, you shouldn’t be drinking this.

What is in it?

There isn’t many ingredients in this which makes it cheap and easy to make, especially in prison.

  • 1 – 3 tablespoons instant coffee
  • A bit of dark soda of your choice

Put enough soda in to let it mix enough, or to help with flavoring.

[youtube id=”HRovpd524XA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Does it work?

Here’s the million dollar question; Does it work? The short answer is yes. Hyphy mud works because of the sugar and caffeine in it. Coffee has long been used as a pre-workout because it is a natural ingredient and gives you quite a bit of energy.

Hyphy mud doesn’t taste the best, and if you dislike coffee, you’re going to have to slam this like a shot of cheap tequila. It is effective and kicks in relatively fast, no need to wait 30-45 minutes before hitting the gym.

Some people experience a crash afterward, which may be from a high dose of caffeine and sugar, but the energy and thermogenic power this concoction has is great and can really give you a boost in the gym.

I would not recommend using this mixture for every day events; if you get the morning doody from coffee you could have some issues with this so buyer beware. Overall I would say for the minimal investment it is worth trying at least once just so you can say you have.


Let us know what you think about this pre-workout below in the comments!

80 thoughts on “Kali Muscle’s Hyphy Mud: Is It A Legit Pre-Workout?”

  1. Im reading all of this shortly im trying to find out how to make and can i take it daily as i work out i also weigh about 175 trying to get to 200

  2. I’m going to try it. These comments have me amped! Are some of you making your own and some buying the product? I want to try it tonight but I have to order it. Can I buy a coke and some coffee and whip it up until it comes in?

  3. Great post, If you really wanna be a savage, pack a tbsp or two under your lip like tobacco, instant caffeine to your bloodstream lol, then theres no sugar crash, I wonder how many of you will try this. Btw check out my blog: nebody.com

  4. Joseph Yaschur

    No, Do not buy this pre-workout. I have taken many pre-workouts over the years and this is not one I will return to. I have felt nothing from taking this.

    I even went up to 2 and a half scoops to feel any difference. At that point I still felt no extra energy or pump however my eye couldn’t concentrate and my hand twitched. There are plenty of other better pre-workouts at the same price range. No reason to buy this one.

  5. Haven’t tried this yet but it seems everyone says it’s good and I just wanna say thanks for actually responding to people’s comments I appreciate that

  6. Michael L Sullivan

    Just recently bought hyphy mud for the first time got to tell be prepared you’ll get cranked up I’m talking heated up jitters head to foot even my eyes went fired up red look like I had been out all night drinking a little to much for me to use currently I’m going to break down the amount work my up to scale makes perfect sense be smart pay attention with the directions

  7. I’m 10 years too late to comment on this post, but I’m trying to find “Michael” the poster who talks about super high rep training. I believe he has posted on Training Science, Labrada Nutrition also writing about his high rep workouts. I would love to track him down and get some more knowledge from him. High reps have always worked better for my body as well. If anyone knows who Michael is or where he can be reached, e-mail etc. that would be awesome.

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