Kali Muscle’s Hyphy Mud: Is It A Legit Pre-Workout?

A great actor and bodybuilder named Kali Muscle has been gaining popularity online and on TV. I decided to review Hyphy Mud, a pre-workout made popular by Kali that prisoners use. The idea is to have a great pre-workout using only what is available in prison.

What does Hyphy Mud stand for?

Hyphy is a term that came from California which basically means “hyperactive.” Some call it crunk, geeked, etc.

Mud stands for “Makes U Dangerous.” If I have to spell it out anymore, you shouldn’t be drinking this.

What is in it?

There isn’t many ingredients in this which makes it cheap and easy to make, especially in prison.

  • 1 – 3 tablespoons instant coffee
  • A bit of dark soda of your choice

Put enough soda in to let it mix enough, or to help with flavoring.

Does it work?

Here’s the million dollar question; Does it work? The short answer is yes. Hyphy mud works because of the sugar and caffeine in it. Coffee has long been used as a pre-workout because it is a natural ingredient and gives you quite a bit of energy.

Hyphy mud doesn’t taste the best, and if you dislike coffee, you’re going to have to slam this like a shot of cheap tequila. It is effective and kicks in relatively fast, no need to wait 30-45 minutes before hitting the gym.

Some people experience a crash afterward, which may be from a high dose of caffeine and sugar, but the energy and thermogenic power this concoction has is great and can really give you a boost in the gym.

I would not recommend using this mixture for every day events; if you get the morning doody from coffee you could have some issues with this so buyer beware. Overall I would say for the minimal investment it is worth trying at least once just so you can say you have.


Let us know what you think about this pre-workout below in the comments!

79 thoughts on “Kali Muscle’s Hyphy Mud: Is It A Legit Pre-Workout?”

  1. I have tried it and it works for me. I have started replacing the soft drink with sweet tea, though. Makes a noticeable difference in the gym. Like you said, it kicks in fast. I have to drink it and haul butt to the gym to try and get through my warmups as fast as possible. (gym is about a half mile away) I have debated mixing it and taking it with me or making a larger one and drinking half before and half during my workout.

    1. Glad to hear another review of it. I think it would help if you drink it when you walk in the gym so after you get into your warmups, you’ll start to feel it. I’m somewhat stimulant tolerant from all of the abuse I’ve put my nervous system through, but coffee does help.

    1. A dark cola, I don’t know what brands are there but brands like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. I can do more digging around to see if I can get a better description for you.


    1. No side effects like you would have from taking a drug. Maybe a sugar rush and then crash with a headache. If you’ve taken it and like it, keep going 🙂


  2. Truth about Hypy Mud:
    I tried this and I can say that it does work, but it has some drawbacks. I drank it right before going in the gym and I had a pretty heavy does because I am a coffee drinker…..and 10 minutes into jogging on the treadmill, I felt it kick in. Gave me a boost to do more reps and I worked out much longer than without it. …..its just like your really amped up.

    Cons: The taste…..oh my goodness… it is horrible….and I am a coffee drinker. Maybe it is the instant coffee taste I cannot get past but it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth. Depending on your body…get ready for instant coffee stew when using the bathroom.

    Like I said I had a pretty heavy dose….like 3-4 tablespoons so that may have been the coffee stew reason, however smaller doses have resulted in the same issue.

  3. I’ve taken it multiple times. When I drink it have to wait 15-20 minutes before I workout because it gives me the runs on the toilet. After that I’m good to go. Awesome pump.

    1. Haha yeah. Same happens with me and with other preworkouts too.

      I usually take them at home, head to the gym and dump before I workout. It sucks.


    1. Yeah, I tried it out. He does different set/rep variations keeping his reps above 20 on multiple exercises per bodypart to get to 500, but I just started with my 50-65 rep max and kept plugging away at one exercise per bodypart to get 500 reps. Back took around 15 sets; shoulders 11, thighs closer to 20, and for back and thighs, I had to drop 10 pounds about halfway through to keep my reps over 20.

      I was real sore afterwards, for days. I haven’t felt that sore since I did machine burnouts way back in the early 90’s. It left me too sore to do it again the next week.

      I’m no stranger to super high reps, but that much total rep volume is a little beyond my conditioning level. Right now, I’m doing a 5×50 bodypart split, and that’s more than ample volume. I can’t see myself doing 10×50 until I’ve put a couple more inches on my arms.

      That said, reps over 20 work better than any lower rep protocol I’ve tried. I spent 2 decades spinning my wheels doing conventional 5-10 rep, 8-12 rep and 5×5 programs, but I started working in the 25-100 rep range a few years ago, and my muscles grew like weeds. I eat less than maintenance calories, but I still managed to gain 40 pounds the first 3 years. I’ve gained an additional 10 pounds this year over that. That’s about the same rate of growth as what Kali experienced after he got out of prison, so I know he didn’t need drugs to accomplish it.

      There’s other big guys that talk about doing super high reps; some on juice, some not. It works about the same for everyone who does it: major gains for as long as you keep adjusting the volume to match your conditioning. I started with 1 set of 25-50 or 50-100 reps per bodypart whole body 3x a week; I just started doing the 5×50 bodypart split this year. It’s tough at first, especially on squat day, but it becomes addictive after the first week. My progression pattern will be 5×50, then 5×75, then 5×100 each time my gains stall, then move up to 10×50 when I don’t get any more gains with 5×100.

      I highly recommend it for anyone on a size plateau. You just have to be careful with the volume, or you end up overtraining and lose muscle. Think total reps per week, not total sets.

  4. I havent tried this supplement but am will to give it a shot. where can I purchase this? aslo, does this help one shred fat? i wanna loose 10 pounds of fat but gain 15-20 pounds of muscle.. so i guess my question is, would this be right for me?

    1. This is just going to give you energy in the gym. There will be some thermogenic effect from the caffeine, but it is mostly to help get you through tough workouts. So yes this can help you lose body fat but it’s not going to just make it fall off. A sound diet and hard training will get you your goals. You can get instant coffee and cola pretty much anywhere, I think even small drug stores to grocery stores and Walmart all carry it.


  5. I’m 30 years old and over the last six months for the first time in my life I’ve been hitting the gym regularly . A month in I started using the pre workout formulas and some worked better than others . I tried Hyphy MuD for the first time yesterday and I gotta say I was amped out my fn mind hahah like crazy amped up . I killed my work out routine and a tilt hit a couple my exercises simply because I still had the energy and didnt want to waste an opportunity … It does taste awfull but it isn’t repulsive so I say to anyone trying to save a buck I highly recommend Hyphy MUD !

    1. Thanks for the review!

      It is economical and seems like it’s worth the money. Some of these proprietary blends I see in these pre workout formulas have me wondering if it’s worth the money or better than good ol caffeine.


  6. Was sat at work on my lunch and reading his page and stumbled across this. I have a bag with coffee, tea, kettle etc and in the morning brought a 6 pack of Pepsi because it was on offer. Weird coincidence I know. So after reading it I thought stuff it I’ll try some. Then I knew what mud meant. Downed that bitch and holy shit I was buzzing around like a headless chicken. Used it in the gym aswell but had to break half way through because i needed a shit. Overall… Good stuff

    1. Haha nice. That stuff is great outside of the gym too. I’ve been known to use a now banned pre-workout for finals in college. Worked wonders.

  7. Could i still drink a post workout protein shake if i drink the hyphy mud drink before my workout? I usually would have a pre and post protein shake.

    1. Just like you would a regular pre-workout, it’s a little more natural so it won’t make you stim tolerant quite as fast. Smash protein all day.


  8. What the F seriously i tried today and it works even better than any other pre workout products!! it only took like 15 mins to kick in and im doing backflips now 😀

  9. I have just tried this for the first time today it’s not the greatest tasting drink but damn it works about 15 minutes after I drank it I needed the toilet but other than that I feel like I could run a marathon….love it

    1. Try different flavors of coffee like a french vanilla with cola and it will taste more like vanilla coke.

      Experiment and see what you like better.

      Let me know if you find something you like! Hyphy Mud 2 is coming out soon.


    2. I think I’m going to try it with instant tea instead of coffee see if that tastes any better I know they have a similar amount of caffeine so maybe it will work I’ll let you know.

  10. I tried this today for the first Time and after chugging it I dry heaved for about a half hour then the vomit started to flow and lasted all day

    1. Really? I’m sorry to hear that man. Do you think it was from chugging it, or do you not like coffee or just not for you?

      I’m interested in hearing, I haven’t heard of anyone have that problem yet.


  11. Gettin’ hyphy tonight for hockey. I actually like the taste of this stuff and it’s cheap and works better than anything else that costs 10 X as much. I use a mason jar to mix mine up by turning it over and swishing it around and then bring it to workout location because you don’t want to drink it too early, plus making it in advance allows for it to settle a bit so you don’t have to drink foam. No matter how you slice it, caffeine plus sugar is going to equate to energy. My opinion is don’t try to reinvent hyphy MUD with tea, most tea has about 1/4 the amount of caffeine as coffee. If you don’t like this stuff then just drink coffee and coke separately – one after the other!

  12. Tried this for the first time today and its great, didn’t crash at all, just half a saker of coke and one teaspoon of strong coffee. Real good 2hour arm sesh followed.

  13. This stuff works. I just did 75 pull ups (normally 40), a 1.5 mile jog, 10 dive bomber push ups to relax the spine, and some jumps. I also decided to climb up a swing set just cause. It’s been about 2 hours, and I haven’t crashed yet. Also, I drink coffee like once a week, so it probably won’t affect people who drink more than me.

  14. Ive used hyphy mud before it became really popular. I love it. It works perfectly for me in the gym. Ive also used it before doing fasted cardio.

    1. It’s about the same as regular pre-workout but with it being simply coffee and coke it doesn’t have such a bad crash like other pre-workouts.

      I’d say a good hour or so depending how much you are tolerant to caffeine.

  15. Im reading all of this shortly im trying to find out how to make and can i take it daily as i work out i also weigh about 175 trying to get to 200

  16. I’m going to try it. These comments have me amped! Are some of you making your own and some buying the product? I want to try it tonight but I have to order it. Can I buy a coke and some coffee and whip it up until it comes in?

  17. Great post, If you really wanna be a savage, pack a tbsp or two under your lip like tobacco, instant caffeine to your bloodstream lol, then theres no sugar crash, I wonder how many of you will try this. Btw check out my blog: nebody.com

  18. Joseph Yaschur

    No, Do not buy this pre-workout. I have taken many pre-workouts over the years and this is not one I will return to. I have felt nothing from taking this.

    I even went up to 2 and a half scoops to feel any difference. At that point I still felt no extra energy or pump however my eye couldn’t concentrate and my hand twitched. There are plenty of other better pre-workouts at the same price range. No reason to buy this one.

  19. Haven’t tried this yet but it seems everyone says it’s good and I just wanna say thanks for actually responding to people’s comments I appreciate that

  20. Michael L Sullivan

    Just recently bought hyphy mud for the first time got to tell be prepared you’ll get cranked up I’m talking heated up jitters head to foot even my eyes went fired up red look like I had been out all night drinking a little to much for me to use currently I’m going to break down the amount work my up to scale makes perfect sense be smart pay attention with the directions

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