Interview With Powerlifter Jimmie Pacifico

It goes without saying that it was an honor to land an interview with Jimmie Pacifico, son of the legendary powerlifter Larry Pacifico.

Jimmie Pacifico

Jimmie owns a gym with his father where he does personal training. Jimmie has been lifting weights since he was 8, starting out with gymnastics which created a great athletic base. Jimmie is currently ranked top 3 in the world in the 220 pound class in powerlifting. He is currently engaged to his best friend, Holly who also shares the same interest of working out and training.

Current Location: Dayton, Ohio

Age: 25

Height: 5’9 on a good day

Off Season Weight: 235 pounds throughout 10 week training phase before a meet. A goal of 240+ pounds for the next meet.

Contest Weight: 220 pounds

Years Training: 17 years

Sponsors: ATLarge Nutrition


Jimmie Pacifico

What were your specific lift numbers at your previous meet?

Squat – 955 Pounds

Bench – 755 Pounds

Deadlift – 715 Pounds

All lifts at 219 pound bodyweight.

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Has your father had any influence on getting you into powerlifting?

Absolutely. I was definitely “born” into all of this. I remember, and actually STILL have the baby blue weight belt that has my name “Jimmie” across it that both of my parents got the day I was born. I always used to fight my father at a younger age when it came to stepping foot in the gym. I didn’t want to go but now that I look back, I’m grateful for him pushing me so hard because I wouldn’t be the man and lifter I am today.

How has your training changed over the years?

Ever since the 6th grade, my dad had me doing the 5-3-1 Method which I believe is great and ideal for beginners. I was always a track athlete, so when it came to my college throwing days, things changed a lot. I was doing more and more Olympic lifting instead of powerlifting, and I could tell that it made me weaker.

Once I decided to quit track and get into powerlifting, I got invited to train at Westside Barbell by Louie and Dave Hoff. As you know, Westside strives on the Conjugate Method, so my training now involved a lot of things I had never done before, BUT it created a strong base for me and generally made me strong.

Now that I am no longer at Westside, I still train 90% Conjugate. I throw in a bit of Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method (which increased my deadlift damn near 60 pounds) as well as still using a few things my dad recommends.

Jimmie Pacifico

What do you feel are some of the biggest training mistakes you’ve made?

Probably hitting the gym too soon after a meet. Your body responds better and stronger if you take some time off.

What are your current and future goals?

My current goal is to hit 2550-2600 pound total at 220 pound bodyweight in 2014.

My ultimate goal is to break the 220 and 242 pound total world records.

Jimmie Pacifico

What made you decide to get into equipped lifting?

I always lifted RAW since day one, that’s all my dad did in his heyday, but as equipment started getting more popular as I grew up, we decided “What the heck.” I remember getting my first bench shirt and squat suit my junior year of High School. It was a single ply shirt, so I didn’t get much out of it because of two reasons: One, I didn’t know how to use a shirt, and two, I was naturally strong on the bench like my dad.

What is your greatest challenge in powerlifting?

I believe it is my “non bench-belly.” LOL A lot of people say I don’t look like your normal powerlifter. I maintain a small waist at even my heaviest weight, so when it comes to benching in my shirt, it feels like it takes forever to touch, especially when having a 72″ reach.

Jimmie Pacifico

Can you tell us how you approach nutrition? Do you focus on any specific nutritional goals each day?

Well when it comes to eating, it is pretty much anything goes. I change it from the time I start my 10 week training cycle for a meet. The first 5 weeks pretty much consist of getting as big as possible which means eating a lot of red meat, pasta, and sweets.

Once I hit the 5 week out mark, I start dialing down my intake. I eat more lean meats, and juice more instead of consuming “flat” sweets. I get my sweet fix from juicing.

When I’m not getting ready for a meet, I eat whatever.

Jimmie Pacifico

What is your most favorite lift? Least favorite lift?

Favorite: Squat

Least Favorite: Deadlift

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Can you tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise other lifters?

I’ve been a drummer for 12 years now.

What is your go-to personal record song?

Song? Hmmm, I’ve got way too many “adrenaline induced” songs/bands to choose from.

Jimmie Pacifico

Do you do any personal or online training? Tell us about what you offer.

Yes, I do personal training here at my facility as well as online. I offer custom meal plans for gaining or losing weight for men and women as well as training programs for strength, toning, bodybuilding, or any other specific goal they have. I will develop a training program for their needs.

Check out his personal training site here.

5 thoughts on “Interview With Powerlifter Jimmie Pacifico”

  1. Not a single question about his drug regimen and/or if he ever learned anything from his father’s numerous massive lapses in judgment (Jimmie clearly hasn’t).


    1. Well seeing how discussion of PEDs and the use of them could land him a felony and not purposely bringing up stupid shit and bringing his father’s lapse of judgment into HIS interview, sorry to dissapoint you.


    i have nothing but respect for larry and his family,he has done nothing but help people his whole life…this is a GOOD MAN….. BILL BAYLESS WILMINGTON OHIO

  3. I’m originally from Ohio and won State while in High School. Mr Pacifico was always involved and helpful in the Sport of Powerlifting. We drove from Hamilton to his gym for training where he was Always willing to help us youngsters with advice and encouragement. I say be happy for his kid and wish him all the best Representing in the Buckeye State, God Bless.

    1. That’s great to hear! They are a legendary family and it sounds like everyone loved them. I wish I would have been able to grow up around them.

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