Back It Up: Back Workout Routine

Nothing shouts “I workout” more than a beefy and wide back. A strong and muscular back demands respect and gives you an aesthetic physique. A strong back is a must if you want to lift heavy weight so here is a routine you can use on back day.

Regardless if you do body part splits, push/pull split, or any other split, you can use this to train your back for mass and strength.

On your day you train back, try this routine out! This routine utilizes the rep-goal scheme. Good form and quality work trumps heavy weight so be sure to be safe, train hard, and have great form if you want to build slabs of beef on your back.

Back Workout
ExerciseSetsRep Goal
1 Arm Dumbbell Row336
Close Grip Seated Rows336
Lab Pullovers324
Pull Ups3AMAP


For Pull Ups, do as many as possible (AMAP). Each set should be as close to a burn out set as possible.

If you decide to add this routine into your training, be sure to start with weights you can easily do and progress to heavier weights. Be sure to log your work and strive to add one more rep or 5 more pounds to the bar every time you step into the gym.

Be sure to leave any questions or comments below. If you have a specific back workout that you have made gains on, be sure to share it below!

2 thoughts on “Back It Up: Back Workout Routine”

  1. Did this last night – feeling it today. Keep these coming!
    Cutty – would you be able to do a post about cortisol release in the body and how to avoid it?

    1. Good to hear you’re feeling it!

      I will make a post about cortisol, what it is, why it’s released and best ways to avoid it. Keep checking back!


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