Powerlifting: How To Get Your Passion Back


Powerlifting is very demanding. More than likely you or someone you know has lost the spark and hardly goes to the gym or has stopped their OCD-like rituals. Unfortunately this happens quite often even to the best of us. What can you do if you want to get your passion back? Why did you start … Read more

Powerlifting Helps 12 Year Old Autistic Boy

Powerlifting Helps Autism

Christopher Biggs from Loxley, Alabama carries a weight heavier than any deadlift could challenge us; he deals with autism and Tourette syndrome his whole life. Christopher has been training in powerlifting since August of 2013 and has shown improvements in his tics and sensory issues due to the stress release of powerlifting. Daryl Haskew, the coach … Read more

10 Gym Tips That Can Apply To Everything

10 Gym Tips That Can Apply To Everything

This isn’t an article that is strictly about bodybuilding,  powerlifting , or the gym. I’m having a bad day so this is more of a reflection and an article to help all of my readers outside of the gym as well. 10 Gym Tips That Applies To Everything Be Consistent Regardless if you are trying … Read more

More Visual Motivation to Go To The Gym

1.) Getting her pump on.   2.) Where’s this gym at?   3.) Great view.   4.) She works hard.   5.) Wow.   6.) Pull ups.   7.) Nice physique.   8.) Definitely not in a judgment-free zone.   9.) Squats on a smith machine, but I’m okay with that.   10.) Not bad. … Read more

10 Fucking Awesome CT Fletcher Videos

Most CT Fletcher videos are filled with loud talking, amped up workouts,  or motivation to get off your ass and go do something and I love it. Below I’ve picked 10 of what I think are the best videos. 10.) Lets start the countdown with a motivational video. If you need a kick in the … Read more