Powerlifting: How To Get Your Passion Back

Powerlifting is very demanding. More than likely you or someone you know has lost the spark and hardly goes to the gym or has stopped their OCD-like rituals.

Unfortunately this happens quite often even to the best of us. What can you do if you want to get your passion back?

Why did you start in the first place?

The first question you need to address is “why did you start in the first place?”

Look at the emotions that were provoked when you think about why you started. Does this start to stoke your fire and get you ready to hit the iron again?

How did you feel before you started powerlifting? (or training like a powerlifter)

Hold onto these emotions as we move onto the next question I want to ask you…

What was your biggest achievement(s) in the gym?

When you first started training, you looked around the gym and saw these monsters doing weights you could only dream about doing.

What was your biggest achievement(s) that you’ve conquered in the gym? How long did it take you to accomplish it?

I’m guessing you were obsessed with the idea of achieving it and you were going to do whatever it took to get it, right? This passion and fire is what you need to get back into your training and life.

Get out a piece of paper (an actual piece of paper, not some app) and a pen or pencil (writing utensil) and write down your achievements you’ve accomplished in the gym.

Hold onto this paper for later.

What are/were your goals, and did you achieve them?

Looking at the achievements you wrote down, think about the goals you started and how you planned on breaking your personal records.

Did you have any goals that you didn’t accomplish yet? Do you have any goals that you may secretly want to accomplish but don’t want to commit to them since you don’t have that burning desire to go smash some fking weights?

Time to change that. I want you to write at least 3 goals down on this piece of paper that you want to accomplish even if they were goals you had that you may have abandoned.

This is going to be your cornerstone for getting up in the morning and doing whatever it takes to make those goals happen.

Not having defined goals is one of the most detrimental things you can do to yourself and your passion for training; start making goals and sticking to them.


Cultivate motivation daily. Period.

Why the hell did you stop?

Now that you are amped up about going back to the gym and killing the iron again, why the hell did you stop? Most are excuses, some may be legitimate but there has to be a line you draw that determines when you are just making excuses for yourself.

Maybe it was fear of the weights? That’s okay to be afraid of the weight, you need to have respect the iron or it will humble you fast. Remember though, fear is only False Events Appearing Real.

Maybe it was a move, an injury, a job, or something else that threw you completely out of your element? (This is what has happened to me until recently)

Change happens and you need to make it for the better. Quit coming up with reasons why you can’t go to the gym and start coming up with ways that you can go.


Whatever the reason is you lost your passion for powerlifting, I want you to wipe that slate clean and start over today.

Think about why you started this journey and look at everything you’ve accomplished so far. You must set goals for yourself and start listening to all of the motivation you can to get yourself amped up and ready to go.

Your past is your past so let it go. Focus on your training, set goals, break personal records and smash some fking weights.

Before you go: If you’ve made it this far, write in the comments your top goal. I’ll hold you accountable to it.

2 thoughts on “Powerlifting: How To Get Your Passion Back”

    1. Other than listening to what your doctor told you, I would go light, do the rehab that you need, and keep doing something to keep from going crazy.

      If you’re unable to lift at all, start planning out your next huge goals, create or find a new workout, start surrounding yourself with people you want to be like, and cultivate motivation. When you can hit the gym you will be fresh and able to get back into the swing of things.

      Hope your shoulder gets better soon!


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