10 Fucking Awesome CT Fletcher Videos

Most CT Fletcher videos are filled with loud talking, amped up workouts,  or motivation to get off your ass and go do something and I love it.

Below I’ve picked 10 of what I think are the best videos.

10.) Lets start the countdown with a motivational video. If you need a kick in the ass when you wake up to go do what you have to do to achieve your goals, watch this.

9.) NO EXCUSES. CT has a personal talk with us about motivation and excuses. You can really hear his passion and it really will amp you up to go lift some heavy ass weight.

8.) Give it your all; Solid advice in this video. Put this one on repeat.

7.) I’ve said before that you’re stronger than you think. Listen to CT Fletcher explain why.

6.) Listen closely to this video over and over.

5.) The voices in your head might not be real, but CT Fletcher is.

4.) A little shit talking and good workout footage.

3.) CT talks about nutrition. This is some great advice for everyone whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or a regular gym goer.

2.) Quadtropolis. Leg day at its finest. Great workout footage and motivational speeches.

1.) Last but not least, the most fucking awesome video I’ve seen from CT Fletcher. Kevin ‘Da Hulk’ Washington is introduced in this video and I have to say he’s quite the monster. He’s the beast that is dwarfing CT in the header picture and does 5 second pause reps with 495 on bench. Good. God.


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