Mind Over Matter: You Are Stronger Than You Think

Without getting too philosophical, I think it is important to address the fact that your mindset is going to determine if you are successful in life or not.

All successful people in life have one thing in common, they all agree that having the right mindset and thinking the right thoughts is the most important piece of the puzzle in becoming successful.

Keep a Positive Mindset

I see far too many people who will talk about their goals and then say something like “Well I’m going to try, but I doubt I will get it.” If you can’t believe enough in yourself that you can reach your goals, you need really work on your mindset.

Believing in yourself is extremely important because you will instinctively start doing the things you need to do to accomplish your goals. This doesn’t mean if you believe you can fly that you will sprout wings but if you believe you can lose weight you will start wanting to eat healthier and be more active. If you don’t believe you can lose weight, you will be alright with eating fast food and laying on the couch watching movies every day.

Fix the negative mindset and start believing in yourself; you are going to start feeling better about yourself and life in general. I’ve fought with low self-esteem and confidence my whole life and nothing has helped me more than actively keeping my mindset positive. You will wake up and get up with a purpose in the morning and strive every day to get closer to your goals.

Gym Attitude

“Ugh I have to go to the gym.” Sound like you? If you dread going to the gym, your sessions are going to be stale and you will not reach the goals you have set for yourself. If you haven’t set any goals for yourself to achieve, you should start now.

Keeping a positive attitude about the gym and your goals will ensure that you are going to do the best you possibly can. If you truly dread going to the gym, rethink why you are going and if it is worth your time.

You need to find what will drive you to the gym and make the sacrifices you have to so you can achieve your goals.


If you were to ask any top-level elite strength athlete, you will find they do not waste their time and energy on anything but training when they are training. There is no stopping to read a muscle mag or text your friend or girlfriend in between sets.

When you step into the gym, outside life stops and this is your time to put 100% effort into every single rep of every single set of every single session. There is no talk about that keg party you went to on Saturday or how you were banging Sally Friday night. None of that talk should come to the gym if you really want to achieve your goals. Save the chit-chat for outside of the gym.

Using the Word “Only”

“I only deadlifted 315 pounds today.” Using the word “only” when describing your workout session or how much you can lift is unknowingly putting yourself down and making your best efforts sound like they are a waste of time; Avoid saying only and be proud of your accomplishments.

Even I slip up and say “only” when I describe my squat day when talking to people who squat 1000 pounds. You want to reinforce in your mind that you are doing the best you possibly can and you are working to get stronger.

Be Intense in the Gym

Nothing feels worse than not getting your personal record in the gym. When you grab that bar, you better put your all into it and don’t save one ounce of energy. Next time you are in the gym, look around and see who is giving it hell and who isn’t. The people who aren’t giving it hell probably look the same as they did months ago, right?

No need to scream and grunt loud to show you are working hard, be respectful and smash some freaking weight.

Cultivate Motivation

A wise man once told me in order to be successful and stay motivated, you must cultivate motivation daily. This particular man will remain anonymous, but he has helped thousands of people and he deserves to know how much he means to everyone.

There are going to be days of doubt and despair about your training. “Am I doing this or that right? What about this?” You are going to question everything and you may want to quit. This is going to be the perfect time to cultivate motivation and really get back to the main reason why you started this journey.

Videos like this really cultivate motivation for me and others. I highly suggest finding what gets you up and going and use them to keep motivation high.

[youtube id=”Sk56VxaeqEQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t.. you’re right.” – Henry Ford


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    1. Thanks. I hope I didn’t get too confusing. I had a solid idea of where I was going and it started getting diluted as I was writing. Your mind is a powerful tool. Kai Greene is one of my role models and he is a firm believer in using your mind.

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