More Visual Motivation to Go To The Gym

1.) Getting her pump on.



2.) Where’s this gym at?2


3.) Great view.3


4.) She works hard.4


5.) Wow.5


6.) Pull ups.6


7.) Nice physique.7


8.) Definitely not in a judgment-free zone.8


9.) Squats on a smith machine, but I’m okay with that.9


10.) Not bad.10


11.) Holy quads.11


12.) Fit chick.12


13.) Them abs.13


14.) Heavy lifting makes you bulky, right?14


15.) She squats.15


16.) Looking good.16


17.) Strong is sexy.17


18.) Getting her stretch on.18


19.) She’s doing something right.19


20.) Where’s this pool at?20


Let me know if you like these types of posts, I’ll do more if I get a great response.

– Cutty

3 thoughts on “More Visual Motivation to Go To The Gym”

    1. Thanks John,

      This particular post doesn’t really teach anyone anything but if you’re like me it gives me that extra boost to go train.


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