10 Gym Tips That Can Apply To Everything

10 Gym Tips That Can Apply To Everything

This isn’t an article that is strictly about bodybuilding,  powerlifting , or the gym.

I’m having a bad day so this is more of a reflection and an article to help all of my readers outside of the gym as well.

10 Gym Tips That Applies To Everything

Be Consistent

Regardless if you are trying to get a 600 pound deadlift or trying to build a popular website, you need to know what you need to do and do it consistently.

You can’t expect to build a massive deadlift if you are unable to make it to the gym and eat like you are supposed to.

Consistency is the main reason why people don’t achieve their goals.

Keep Trying

You are going to fail.

Let me repeat, you are going to fail.

The secret is to keep going and never give up.

There are rough patches and you are going to have some wins and some losses, but that’s part of life.

If you can’t get a 225 bench the first day you make a goal to do it, do you give up?

No, you keep grinding, getting stronger, and getting your form down.

Have Goals

If you are going to be consistent and try your best, how the hell can you achieve anything without goals?

Be very specific with your goals and learn how to make SMART goals.

Once I started learning how to make SMART goals, I started staying motivated, hitting goals, and my whole life felt great.

No matter what it is, have a goal and work towards it. It will drive you to wake up in the morning and it will drive you to do whatever it takes.

Give Your Best

The journey of achieving greatness is full of disappointment and pain, so give it your best.

If you are going to go after your dreams and goals in life, you are going to struggle and doubt yourself.

Giving your best and failing may not sound appealing, but you are going to have an appreciation of what you just tried to complete.

Knowing you didn’t reach your goals because you failed to give it your best is the worst feeling you can have; you will be filled with doubt and hesitate to accomplish any other goals you may have.

80/20 rule

Whether you are talking about work production, foods you eat, or the types of training you do, the general rule of 80% serious and 20% play is extremely important.

If you are trying to lose weight, eat 80% of your calories from healthy, fresh sources.

The other 20% you should indulge (within reason) with your favorites; this doesn’t mean eat a whole pizza, but enjoy a few slices.

If you don’t follow some sort of 80/20 rule, it is a recipe for getting burned out.

I’m personally burned out from going to the gym; the achy joints, loss of motivation, and general not sticking to my goals has completely burned me out.

Believe me, take this tip very seriously and apply it to everything in life.

You Are Going To Have Low Points

I’m in a low point now, I recently broke personal records, but started gaining weight and feeling run down all of the time.

I’ve lost motivation to train and my writing has been sporadic and it is upsetting.

You will have low points with everything in life and you must take this time to reflect, reevaluate, and learn what your next move is.

Whenever you are in a low point, remember why you started.

Cultivate Motivation

You are going to have to cultivate motivation if you want to achieve long-term goals.

There are motivational videos, motivational pictures, and motivational quotes out there you should read daily.

It’s known that motivation isn’t something that just happens.

If you’ve ever made it half way through a goal before you lost that “spark” then you see what happens when you don’t cultivate motivation daily.

I want to see you reach your goals damn it.

Know Your Limitations

If you don’t know your limitations, then how can you surpass them?

Push yourself until you accomplish something that leaves you speechless or in tears; you’ll be addicted to getting better.

Pushing your limits is what makes you stronger, what makes you smarter, faster, and better at anything.

Next time you feel like you can’t do something, give it your best. After you achieve it tell yourself that Cutty was right and keep going.

Do What You Have To Do

All too often I get caught up on things that may or may not be “broscience” and I sacrifice my goals because of it.

I do my best to get 8 hours of rest a night, but if I am on a roll writing for my websites or working on my audio competition car, I’m not going to stop anymore simply because “I should get to bed.”

Whatever your goal is, you’re going to have to do things you don’t like and work harder than you probably are willing to, but do it.

I’ve let my slump keep me from achieving my writing, powerlifting, and car audio goals for too long.

I will not use excuses anymore so join me and make that vow with me now.

Enjoy It

I learned the hard way that if you don’t enjoy something, no matter how hard you try, you are going to eventually fizzle out and quit.

If you want to become a marathon runner but you can’t stand walking to go get the mail, I’m sorry to say you are going to have to reevaluate your goals.

What makes you enjoy what you do? Do you enjoy the pain of the pump and the DOMS on your rest day?

What about the way people notice you walking into a room being the most fit and strongest person there?

Whatever it is, you better enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff.



So while I sit here and reevaluate everything in my life now that it has started looking up, I wanted to share my tips to keep going.

I’ve lost it all, held a minimum wage job while I made shit happen and held out for a job I really wanted.

I now work for that job which left me in suspense for 5 months and I actually enjoy waking up and making life happen.

I’ve used the newly found full-time job an excuse to not go train, but now I’m going to train at 5am again.

I pack my lunch and write these articles during my lunch and when I get home after work.

I live what I tell you on this website, I’m not trying to put bullshit out there like other sites.

Make shit happen, stay motivated, and get those goals.

– Cutty


If you’re going through hell, keep going. – Winston Churchill

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  1. Thanks for motivation .

    Please write more so people like me will break their laziness and go back to gym.

    Tomorrow is the test day and I have to go to gym

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