10 Reasons Why Your Personal Trainer Sucks

So you have a personal trainer and you have done everything they say for you to do. It’s been two months and you haven’t seen any progression towards your goal and you don’t understand why.

Here are 10 reasons why your trainer is failing you:

  • They are texting on their phone or talking to other people more than paying attention to you.
  • They tell you good job on your set even when you aren’t doing the exercise right.
  • They sit and have a non gym-related conversation with you instead of making you do your set.
  • They make fun of the powerlifters in the gym lifting more than them calling them fat or out of shape.
  • They talk negative about other people in the gym since they aren’t training the same way they train you.
  • They always advertise how many hundreds of people they’ve trained. Newsflash: This means a lot of people quit training because they didn’t see progress.
  • The first thing they do is break out the bosu ball.
  • They start your session with “I found this new routine online.”
  • They don’t have you do any compound lifts.
  • They have you do compound lifts on a smith machine.

Have any more to add to the list? Post them below!

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Your Personal Trainer Sucks”

    1. Classes can be beneficial for participants that do their best to follow what the instructor is telling them to do.

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