How to Build Bigger Bicepts

Want to build big bicepts bro? Yes, we know it’s not “bicepts”, but rather biceps. Either way, you want them and here is to turn your twigs into some massive oak trees.

Tips for getting huge biceps

Do heavy compound lifts – Heavy compound lifts put so much strain on the nervous system and forces your body to get stronger and build muscle.

Progression – Every session you want to add more weight to the bar or add more reps than last session.

Eat Enough Food – You must eat to gain muscle. Quit worrying about your abs, you can get those back when you go on a cut.

Better Exercises – There are more exercises than standing in front of the mirror curling dumbbells for hours; add these lifts into your current workout plan to spark more growth. Don’t have a workout plan? Click here to see my plans I have designed.

  • Chin-ups – Supinated grip chin ups (palms facing you) work biceps as well as hits your lats.
  • Barbell Rows – Supinated grip barbell rows will give you a thick and wide back and slam your biceps in one workout.
  • Seated Rows – Any pulling movement will work biceps. Seated wide and narrow grip rows are a great choice.
  • EZ Curl Bar Preacher Curls – Take an EZ Curl bar or a barbell and do preacher curls with them.

Final note

If you want massive arms and you think having a big bicep is the only reason an arm is large, you are mistaken. Your tricep is about two-thirds of the muscle you see on your arm. Develop your triceps with push exercises such as bench press, overhead press, push ups, and other isolation machines.

What good is a mountain bicep with a chiseled peak if your triceps are flabby and your arm is still only 14 inches? Lift heavy, progress, and eat enough and you will be able to get the arms you want.

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