You Are A Wimp, And Here Is What To Do About It

You go to the gym and get your pump on but yet your little sister is stronger than you. Walking into the gym and moving some weights around will not make you stronger. Here is some advice to get stronger.



  • Don’t spend more time doing curls than you do compound movements
  • Don’t jump from program to program hoping to find that magical routine
  • Don’t try to make up your own program
  • Don’t do weighted crunches and situps in the gym for hours; you aren’t going to get a six pack that way
  • Don’t spend hours on cardio equipment to try to get said six pack


Now that you realize that you do one or many of those things on the “don’t” list, here is what you can do to quit being a wuss.


  • Find a proven program that involves all of the compound lifts. Finding programs that are tried and true and include compound lifts will give you the strength and muscle to not be confused as a 12 year old girl. A program that has bench press, an overhead press, deadlift, squat, and barbell rows will give you the best results. Programs such as a 5×5 and Wendler’s 5/3/1 are the type of programs you want to look for.
  • Strive to add reps or weight to the bar. The reason you get stronger and build muscle is because the body will adapt to the weight you are using. If you don’t progress with more reps or adding weight to the bar you will only get so strong.
  • Eat like a horse. You will have to eat, eat, and eat to get big and strong. Eat a lot of whole foods and add in the extra calories with whatever guilty pleasures you like for now. Hell take your sister’s food off of her plate while she’s eating if you feel like you’ve gotten stronger; you’ll find out quick if you have or not.
  • Quit making excuses. All too often I hear people complain about it being too cold out, too rainy, toe hurts,  the bar hurts their hands, the bench isn’t comfortable. The amount of excuses that float around are ridiculous. If you want quit being a wuss and get strong, follow these simple pieces of advice and quit making excuses why you can’t do something; simple as that.

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