One Sentence Answers to 30 Muscle Building Questions

Time and time again I get asked questions about building muscle so I decided to make a list of 30 and answer them in one sentence.

1.) Is working out for more than an hour bad? Generally working out more than an hour is not bad; if you are pressed for time take shorter rests between sets.

2.) Is cardio bad for my gains? Extended length low intensity cardio can impact your gains but as long as you are eating enough you will be fine.

3.) What supplements should I take? They are called supplements because they supplement your diet and workouts; you don’t have to take any.

3.) What exercises should I do? Compound movements will give you the biggest response to gain muscle; Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Barbell Rows.

4.) How much should I eat? Eat for your goals; find out what your maintenance calories are and eat a little less if you want to lose weight and a little more if you want to gain weight.

5.) What should I eat? Nutritious whole foods will give you the most nutrition and best gains if you eat enough.

6.) Is squatting with good form bad for me? Squatting with good form is one of the best exercises that can be done in the gym; have good form and you will be okay.

7.) Will deadlifting snap my shit up? If you deadlift with correct form you are not going to snap your shit up.

8.) Do I have to train to failure on every set? No, find a proven routine and stick with it.

9.) What is the best muscle building program? There is no best muscle building program; find one with compound movements and stick with it.

10.) Is the smith machine good as barbell workouts?  No.

11.) Will lots of ab work get me a six pack? Lots of volume for abs will not give you abs, cutting body fat will get you abs.

12. ) When should I bulk? If you want to gain a lot of muscle, bulk.

14.) When should I cut? If you have to make weight for a competition or need to lose a lot of body fat.

15.) Why can’t I build muscle? Eat more and do compound lifts.

16.) Why aren’t my biceps getting bigger? Do squats in the squat rack for a change.

17.) Can I burn fat and gain muscle? Yes if you eat right and do compound lifts.

18.) Is creatine bad for me? Creatine is the most studied supplement and it is not bad for you.

19.) Why am I sore the day after I lift? Your connective tissue is stressed and inflamed from lifting some heavy ass weight; also known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

20.) Should I take protein supplements? Protein supplements are great if you have a decent diet; it is not a miracle muscle builder.

21.) How can I build a bigger chest? Bench and eat more.

22.) Am I too old to get in shape? Age is just a number, go to the gym.

23.) How can I raise my testosterone? Chances are you are 25 and younger; your testosterone levels are high as they can be.

24.) What time of day is best to work out? Whenever you arrive at the gym.

25.) Is Crossfit a good way to build mass? No.

26. ) I’m a hardgainer how do I gain muscle? Eat more.

27.) Isolation vs compound movements? Compound movements put more strain on the body which causes your body to react by building more muscle.

28.) How do I keep from overtraining? Eat more and get sleep.

29.) Will I lose my gains if I miss a workout? No.

30.) Should I train if I’m sore? Your connective tissue is sore, you will loosen up when you get moving; quit making excuses.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a message below!

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  2. To be honest Ive been using the smith bench press ercxeise for three years and have made solid gains; one in every three workout cycles I swap sm bench with db press in order to strengthen stabilisers, I truly think SM is the better ercxeise for some people as it requires no spotter, too many people struggle along on the freeweight bench scared to push themselves because they have no spotter. In three years Ive moved from a fw max bench from 154lbs to 292lbs. Do what suits you not what is best

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