4 Tips To Improve Your Mental And Physical Strength

Dawn Cadwallader has helped thousands reach their goals over the last 17 years. In this article she presents 10 mistakes & myths to avoid so that you can find success.

Whether your goals are for bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, or any other sport, the biggest obstacle that people face is what I refer to as “the 6 inches between the ears.” Where your head is can have so much to do with where your body is and that can have an impact on what you are trying to achieve.

Often times, our bodies are capable and ready for whatever we are trying to do, it is merely our own negative thoughts and self-doubts that actually keep us from reaching our goals. Having a positive attitude and being willing to do whatever it takes to “win” is what gets us the final results we are looking for.

We all have fears, challenges, or other negative things that have the potential to keep us from reaching our desired result.

Here are four easy steps in achieving any goal you have set for yourself:

1. Set Your Goal

Define your outcome and become clear on it. Clarity is power to your brain. The more explicit you are on what it is that you REALLY want, the more your mind can work to make it happen. Write down your goals and attach mental images to them.

The human mind cannot tell the difference between an actual event and one vividly imagined, therefore, you can create your own reality by spending time each day visualizing yourself reaching your goals. Some of the largest gains are not made in the gym but at home during quiet time, setting goals and visualizing the final outcome actually happening.

Being clear on what your goals are, taking time each day to make them more defined in your head will make a huge impact on your personal power and end result.

2.) Become Powerful

Use your power to face your fears. Do you have a fear of failure, embarrassment, or maybe of the unknown?

Many people have fears that keep them from reaching fitness or strength challenges. If you allow fear to control your life, you give it power. By facing your fears head on, you can overcome them. Sometimes we don’t reach our goals because we actually have a fear of success. Some tend to self-sabotage because the fear is actually of what we might face if we DO get to the final outcome we are looking for.

If you take some time to figure out what fears you may have that are keeping you from reaching your physical goals, you can more easily challenge those fears and move forward.

3.) Focus

Keep your attention on your outcome. Are you on the right path to achieving your goals? Do you need to change your direction because something isn’t working?

Flexibility is key to reaching any goal in life. If you have your mind-set that it will work with only one plan in mind, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Often times, individuals will try things one way, not have the success they are looking for, then just give up.

In actuality, the ONLY failure is the giving up part. Keeping a log book or a journal is a good way to continually keep yourself focused and on track and aware of what is working and what isn’t.

4.) Never, Ever Give Up

Keep trying until you succeed. If you keep your thoughts focused on the idea that there is no such thing as failure, you are keeping your mind open to trying different approaches.

Just because you don’t reach your goal easily and with one try, doesn’t constitute failure. It merely means that you need to try something different now and change your approach. Being tenacious is so important in reaching any goal.  If you have the mindset that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get your desired result, then you have most of the battle won.

Keep in mind that most things in life actually ARE mind over matter. Physical goals are much more easily met when we first take care of the mental aspect of winning. What you are on the inside, including the thoughts in your head, has so much more to do with personal power than the actual strength of your body. With strong thoughts you can achieve anything!


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