8 Reasons No One Cares How Much You Leg Press

Riddled across the internet are posts, pictures, and videos of people “going hard” on the leg press in an attempt to impress us. The leg press has its place in the gym, but it has grown to be the stat gym rats give just after they tell you how much they bench and just before they tell you how much they can curl.

1.) You Use Most or All of the Plate in the Gym

Nothing is worse than finally getting to do some deadlifts or bench and to see all the plates are on the leg press machine. What’s worse is watching you walking around the gym getting pumped up to do some half-reps and screaming bloody murder while doing them. It’s not cool, hurry up so I can get on with my training.

The people staring at you and taking pictures of you aren’t doing it because they are impressed, they are probably putting your picture on Instagram making fun of you so don’t get your hopes up.

2.) You Don’t Put the Damn Plates Back

We already thought you were an asshole for taking all of the plates in the gym but not putting them back is just another notch up the asshole tree. If you’re going to be that guy and use all of the plates in the gym, put the damn plates back where you got them.

3.) You Make Leg Pressing 1000 Pounds Sound Impossible

There are people who use the leg press machine to build stronger quads and hamstrings, but there are some people who use this machine to try to make themselves sound like a God.

Yes being able to say you leg press 1000 pounds is great but not when you cannot squat 135 parallel.

4.) You Are Using a 45 Degree Leg Press

Most sled leg press machines are angled at a 45 degree angle up. I don’t know the exact math behind it, but most of the weight is resting on the rails and you are moving only a bit of the weight.

If you were to use a 90 degree leg press (think smith machine) you would be crushed under 1000 pounds.

5.) You Don’t Use Full Range of Motion

So you’ve stolen all of the plates in the gym and now you are robbing yourself of any gains by doing a quarter or half-rep?

People who do half-squats are ridiculed for a good reason, people who do half-squats on leg press should turn in their gym membership and just go home.

6.) You Think a Big Leg Press Makes a Bigger Squat

A heavy leg press does not make for a bigger squat. Far too many times I see people who grind rep after rep out on leg press attempt to do a squat and they cannot hardly stand up with weight, let alone squat it.

Next time you tell me how much you leg press while I’m trying to squat I might hit you.

7.) You Learn to Use the Machine to Your Advantage

It’s hard to word this correctly, but learning to use the machine to your advantage means you are able to do a lot of weight on a machine because you’ve learned how it works. Instead of using correct “form” on a machine, you learn how to push more weight if you place your feet out another 5 inches and you press back instead of up into the pads.

Just like doing half-reps, you are cheating yourself if all you are trying to is have a huge leg press for bragging rights.

8.) You Won’t Shut Up About Your Leg Press

Seriously bro, do you even lift? If the most important thing to you is how much you bench, leg press, and curl then you need to look at why you go to the gym.

I respect watching someone strain to squat 225 or hardly getting 135 for a triple on bench. Watching someone gloat over an 800 pound leg press when they don’t look like they even go to the gym is not impressive.


As I said, the leg press is a good exercise and has its place in the gym. When you solely focus on this and tell everyone how much you leg press is when it gets annoying.

Remember, no one really cares how much you leg press. Get under the bar and make some gains.

8 thoughts on “8 Reasons No One Cares How Much You Leg Press”

  1. And you forgot the most important reason:
    It is neither a squat, a bench press, a military press nor a deadlift

  2. Reps of 20 with a cool down in between at a 1000 pounds all day no screaming or making a spectacle if you work your way up its not difficult at all

  3. But that’s just your opinion. As I’ve gone up on Leg Press I can do 32 Ibs more on my squat!

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