How To Fit Workouts Into A Busy Schedule

How To Fit Workouts Into A Busy Schedule

Getting a new job, being on the road, or working overtime sucks when you are trying to take my advice and train consistently.

Fitting workouts into a busy schedule can be tricky, but it’s possible.

What happens if I unintentionally miss a week of training?

It has been known for a while that building strength is much harder than maintaining it.

This means that if you have a stretch of time where your schedule is too busy to put the time into training, you don’t have to worry.

Maintaining muscle mass is going to rely on a good diet with plenty of protein; going long nights hardly getting sleep or protein won’t do the body any good.

If you have to miss some time from training, don’t worry.. you may initially lose some strength, but it will come back faster than it took to build it.

How To Fit Workouts Into A Busy Schedule

Just because you have to work long hours or you have to train on the road doesn’t mean you must miss out on the gains train.

Pick a minimalist workout

Picking a minimalist workout that includes a few compound lifts is going to help you get in and out of the gym quickly.

Spending an hour or two in the gym when you go may not be an option.

Try full body training

Full body training can be fun and challenging, especially if you have enough time to train in the gym.

Maybe you can spend an hour or so in the gym but might not be able to commit to a 3 day workout.

Picking an alternating full body workout could be your saving grace; you alternate between 2 workouts and adapt it to your schedule.

So if you can only train on random days but put in an hour, try an alternating full body workout.

Train during non-peak hours

You may not be able to control when you go to the gym but if you can, go doing non-peak hours.

If you can shuffle your schedule around to go during hours there isn’t a line to use the bench or squat rack, you will be able to get in and get out much quicker.

If you are able to train at the same gym every time you go, check out when non-peak hours are and if you can go.

An empty gym may not be ideal if you are training heavy and have no spotters, but I will cover that in another article.

Train in the morning

Going along with non-peak hours, training in the morning is generally a slower time at the gym.

Training in the morning is also a great way to start your day.

If you aren’t a morning person, you should seriously try training in the morning.

You are going to feel endorphins running through your body, you will be awake and alert at work, and you won’t be thinking about training all day.

Get equipment to train at home

Building a home gym can be inexpensive if you plan it out.

You don’t need the nicest power rack or competition bench to make strength and muscle gains.

A good set of dumbbells and a bench is enough to do a minimal equipment home workout.

Training at home is great because you can train just before bed or just after you wake up in the morning, there are no lines, and you can focus on only you.

Be flexible with your training

For the longest of time I would only train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:15am in the morning.

I had developed quite a ritual training those days, at those times only.

When a new business opportunity came about, I was unable to train during that time and it has really messed with my mindset and the way I look at training.

Take it from me and be flexible with your training.

This means don’t be so set on a certain time to train that you can’t switch up and train at night a day or two… it will take all enjoyment out of training if you don’t.

Have fun

Unless you are striving to be elite or compete, you should have fun with your training.

I’m talking from experience here, don’t let training impact your life negatively, find a healthy balance.

It’s going to lead to you quitting or compromising things in life that shouldn’t be compromised just so you can train.

Don’t make excuses why you can’t go, but don’t miss out on your kid’s first steps because it is deadlift day.


If all else fails, doing some sit ups, walking lunges, body weight squats, and other body weight workouts never hurt.

They won’t get you to IFBB pro status, but it will keep your body moving and can give you a completely new goal to strive for.


There are many ways you can train, even on a busy schedule.

Training while working long hours or on the road is an inconvenience but can be done with amazing results.


The question is, how bad do you want it?

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