Do You Even Lift: 50 Ways To Tell If You Are A Serious Lifter

There are different types of people who go to the gym: People who train, and people who to go the gym. If you’re a serious lifter, you’ve probably exhibited some (or all) of these ways to tell if you are a serious lifter. Some say we have gone too far or we are ate up, but we see it as normal.

You know you are a serious lifter when…

1.) You actually hit parallel or lower squatting…

2.) You are on a first name basis with the butcher

3.) The toughest day of your week is rest day

4.) If you measure your food in pounds

5.) If anyone told you that you are too big and you thank them

6.) You carry your bar with you wherever you go

7.) Your post workout meals could feed a small army

8.) You use ammonia caps instead of coffee to wake up in the morning

9.) You keep your gym bag handy “just in case”

10.) You own 1 pair of shoes for every day use, but have 5 pairs for the gym

11.) You have a crew of spotters

12.) You have no idea what day of the week it is, but you know tomorrow is squat day

13.) You shave your head but have 2 bottles of hair spray in your gym bag

14.) You know of at least 3 ways to use hairspray to increase your gym lifts

15.) You are Googling ways to use hairspray to increase your gym lifts

16.) You’ve spent your rent money on food

17.) You don’t get asked “Do you even lift?”

18.) You are so big you need help getting your socks on

19.) The only reason you lose sleep is if you have a huge PR on the horizon

20.) You are too sick to go to work or have sex, but not too sick to go to the gym

21.) You carry around a back scratcher because you are too big to reach your own back

22.) You keep plenty of super glue in your bag

23.) You know why you keep super glue in your bag

24.) You eat before you go out to eat

25.) You’ve gotten teary eyed after breaking a PR

26.) You’ve gotten teary eyed after a gym partner breaking a PR

27.) You don’t know what 7×4 is but you know exactly what a bar is loaded to within seconds

28.) You don’t have a baby but keep cases of baby wipes

29.) You use vacation time at work to compete at meets instead of going on vacation

30.) Your wife or girlfriend has ever slapped you before a big PR

31.) Your wife or girlfriend was disappointed that you didn’t get that PR

32.) Your underwear looks like Swiss cheese after a good training session

33.) You start using vehicles for deadlifting

34.) You drive more than 45 minutes to go train regularly

35.) You have to call Costco in advance to make sure they have enough food when you get there

36.) You foam roll or static stretch before sex

37.) You went to the gym on your wedding day or anniversary

38.) You set a PR 3 months after a major surgery

39.) You measure the quality of your diet by the smell of your farts

40.) You don’t drink alcohol but own 5 beer kegs

41.) You eat two boxes of Twinkies to make sure you hit your carbs for that meal

42.) You to go the gym and lift instead of watching YouTube lifting videos

43.) You carry a tub of chalk around just in case you have to pick something heavy up

44.) The smell of cat pee makes you want to go train

45.) People stop curling in the squat rack when you enter the gym

46.) No one asks you if you’re almost done with the equipment

47.) When people won’t hand you fragile things because they are afraid you might accidentally break it

48.) You don’t have to post that you are going to the gym on Facebook. #hittingthegym #goingham #yolo

49.) You record your lifts for the sole purpose of finding your weaknesses in the lift

50.) You spend more time doing compound lifts than you do curls, bro


How many of these sound like you? Leave a comment below!

6 thoughts on “Do You Even Lift: 50 Ways To Tell If You Are A Serious Lifter”

  1. Hey Cutty, I got a question with my current workout, all machines cause the dumbells are taken. 1.seated rows2. pulldows 3.butterflies 4.over head shoulder press 5.squats. all after the third set gets hard for me but my strength has gone up quite a bit, would this workout work once or twice a week for good definition cause I am seeing some results, but want better from the MAN such as yourself, No homo bro.

    your thoughts

    1. Hey man, you can email me at Send me a detailed list of your routine and I’ll see what we can do. Check out this article, it’s a machine only workout I’ve had a couple people do and they like it. I’m a huge believer in barbell training but use what you have.

      Hit me up,


  2. Funny list, my man. I resonated and laughed on 20 and 37 because I have done those many times before. Still surprised I’m married, to be honest.

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