23 Reasons Why Being Strong Sucks

Being strong is sucks because…

1.) People always come to you first to help them move.

2.) You are forced to open the damn pickle jar.

3.) You are forced to carry in the groceries by yourself.

3.) You have to buy jeans a couple sizes larger because your ass and legs simply won’t fit.

4.) You get looked at like you are crazy when you wear shorts in the winter and feel great.

5.) You run at least 10 degrees warmer than everyone else.

6.) You hear the stitches popping on your underwear getting over your quads.

7.) You have to hand pick your gyms like women pick bras; most aren’t going to feel quite right but you will find one that makes you feel good.

8.) You get kicked out of gyms because you scare the weak people.

9.) You get interrogated about deadlifting 600 pounds; you can’t be fat and strong.

10.) You have some mangled meat-hook hands.

11.) You accidentally break things with said meat-hooks.

12.) You get asked about steroids on a daily basis.

13.) People always give you advice on how to train.

14.) People tell you stories about their knee injury every time you squat.

15.) People tell you stories about their back injury every time you deadlift.

16.) People stare when you do proper bench form.

17.) People feel the need to tell you about their friend’s cousin who used to lift more than you.

18.) People always lifted more than you in high school.

19.) You can’t find a gym partner because they don’t want to be out lifted.

20.) You have to hire a team of spotters.

21.) You eat more meat in one day than most do in an entire week.

22.) You are about as flexible as a cement pillar.

23.) Dudes be ‘mirin.

Bonus: You can’t count to 23 correctly :)

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