8 Tips for Eating Healthy

Why do you want to eat healthy?

This might sound like a silly question but think about it; why you want to start eating healthy? Due to lack of time, we have to rely on fast foods and other convenient meals. Here are 8 tips that will get you on the path of eating healthy.

Keep Your Goal in Mind

The first thing you should do is write down why you want to eat healthier. Whatever your reason may be, remind yourself daily your goals. On days you feel like going back to old habits, remind yourself why you started this and it will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Learn to Cook

Learning to cook can change be a life changer. Being able to take ingredients and turn them into a healthy meal is a rewarding experience. Cooking is not a science, you read directions and follow them. Once you have some experience cooking, you will be able to cook meals you enjoy at a restaurant that taste better and are healthier.

Eat Well-Rounded Meals that Include Fresh Whole Foods

Choosing fresh whole foods over packaged foods. Meals consisting of whole foods will give the body nutrients that fast food and processed foods do not have in them.

Eating a side salad with a cracker is not considered a healthy well-rounded meal. There are many choices of healthy meals to include, one of my personal favorites is 8 oz grilled chicken breast, green beans and a baked potato.

Do not let the term ‘healthy’ deter you. Healthy meals do not have to mean flavorless steamed vegetables and boiled meats. Grilled chicken, steak, and bacon are all healthy choices that you can use in your dishes just to name a few.

Budget tip: Watch for sales. Buying meat that is marked down to sell faster can be cooked that day or frozen to be cooked later. The cost of buying whole foods compared to processed foods may be slightly higher but the added years to your life and better health is worth the few extra dollars and time spent preparing the meals.

Enjoy Favorites in Moderation

Eating what you enjoy in moderation every once in a while is not bad for you, in fact it will actually help stimulate your metabolism to help you lose weight. Being able to moderate the intake of your favorites, you give yourself a simple life pleasure that will help keep you on the right track.The longer someone eats healthy, the less they crave junk food.

Make Changes Slow and Simple

Ever hear someone say they are going on some fad diet? Drastic changes in diet is going to be the number one reason why someone cannot stick to it.The goal here is to slowly change habits. Cannot live without soda? Drink half of what you normally drink every day for a week. Do this until you go without drinking soda at all or only on special occasions. The key is to slowly and steadily integrate healthier habits into your lifestyle.

Drink Lots of Water

An alarming amount of people do not drink enough water. Drinking water is important because it helps flush our systems of waste and toxins. Not drinking enough water can lead to headaches, low energy levels and fatigue. Ever have a hangover? That is dehydration at its worst. Drinking lots of water also helps curb your appetite.


Exercising, being active, playing sports, whatever gets your body in motion, do it. When you participate in healthy activities you will crave healthier foods and naturally make healthy decisions. Finding an activity that is fun for you to participate in is going to be important so it does not feel like a chore.

Surround Yourself with People Who Have the Same Goals as You

Surrounding yourself with people that you want to be like or have similar goals will help hold you accountable for your actions. They will give you the motivation you need to stay on track.

For more tips on creating a healthier lifestyle, check out our keep weight loss simple article.

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