5 Strength Building Tips to Help You Improve Your Beginner Gains

Beginner gains, noob gains, there are many names for the huge strength and muscle gains that you can achieve during your first year or two when starting to weight train. Here is five tips to help ensure you get the most out of your beginner gains.

  • Finding a program and sticking with it
  • Eating enough
  • Getting form work and rep work in
  • Having patience
  • Having a positive attitude and dedication

Sticking with a well known tried and true program is going to be the best way to improve beginner gains. When looking for a program you need to make sure they have the big compound movements in them, bench press, squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and barbell rows. These compound movements will give you the most strength and build the most muscle mass when combined with progressive overloading.

Progressive overloading means doing these lifts and each week while increasing the reps or weight on the bar, you are guaranteed to build a massive amount of muscle. Many beginners read the muscle magazines looking for that new workout program that promises them a shredded body in six weeks. These programs may or may not work, but to maximize your beginner gains, stick with tried and true programs.

Putting in the work at the gym is the easy part, but eating enough nutritious whole foods will give you the energy and the ability to recover from training. Many beginners start weight training but do not eat enough then wonder why they cannot make any gains.

If you are looking to add muscle, get healthier and even lose body fat in the process, you are going to have to eat properly to recover from your workouts and to take advantage of your beginner gains. All of the training in the world will not get you the body of your dreams if you do not eat enough nutritious foods.

Performing exercises with good form is going to be crucial for you to be able to progressively overload and get stronger. Get your rep work in and practice your form on every single rep of every single set.

Treat your warm up sets like you would your max weight sets. It is easy to form habits, so form a good habit now and you will save time having to fix bad form habits later. Remember, warming up is extremely important and help give you a few extra reps to practice your form.

Patience is important; too many beginners go to the gym with false hopes and start to get discouraged when the iron gives them a reality check. Keeping your ego in check and remaining patient is going to give you the best results in the long run.

Do not compare yourself to others; odds are those people have been training for years. Building muscle and strength is a process and takes time. Time will fly if you stay focused and motivated.

Along with patience, the next most important thing to improve your beginner gains is that you must have the correct attitude and dedicate yourself to your training. The mind is an extremely powerful tool and if you believe in yourself and have the right attitude, you will make great beginner gains.

There will be those days when you do not feel like training, cooking your meals, or doing your cardio. If you can make it through those days, the days you are excited to go train will be that much better. Being consistent with your workouts come a lot from your attitude and dedication and will help you get the most from your beginner gains.

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2 thoughts on “5 Strength Building Tips to Help You Improve Your Beginner Gains”

  1. Hi im new to training and need help with a two day a week work out (as my job takes up all my time) I want to bulk up but have strength aswell.. I eat pretty good but have a bit of a beer belly!
    I’ve been going to the gym for about a month but not with much of a routine. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Tommy,

      Try this alternating routine out. This routine is fun, I’ve run it when my other work schedule was getting the best of me and it helped keep me on track and keep my progress moving forward.

      This routine is like a full body workout, there’s a workout A and a workout B. This way if you can get to the gym more than twice a week you can just alternate workouts and really see some progression. If you clean up your diet a little and start being consistent in the gym with a routine I think you will start to burn some of that beer belly off.

      If you have any more questions hit me up.


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