10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do A Powerlifting Routine

With everyone chasing the 20″ arms and 6 pack abs, a true powerlifting routine gets set to the side because they think building strength doesn’t build muscle.

Here’s 10 good reasons why everyone should do a powerlifting routine.

Change of Pace

Beating up your muscles and having DOMS for the next three days is all fine and dandy but instead of doing 155 for 12 reps on bench, why not switch things up and see how benching 255 feels.

If things are feeling stale in the gym and you don’t have that “go no matter what” attitude anymore, a change of pace might be exactly what you need.

Going from high volume low intensity to low volume and high intensity will shock the body and will help you build the muscle, strength, and motivation you need to keep going.

Strength = Muscle

Building muscle will build your strength and the same works the other way.

Don’t think just because you are doing heavy triples you aren’t using your muscles as much as you would if you were doing 12 rep sets or pump sets; if you do it right, you’ll be working the muscle the same.

If you progressively overload, you know that you will build more muscle if you can keep increasing your lifts; going from 135 for 12 reps to 185 for 12 reps is a huge muscle and strength jump.

Strength Training Is Different Than Muscle Building

Strength training taxes your nervous system and usually will not give you the massive DOMS the next couple of days later. I’m not saying you won’t get sore, just not as bad as if you take sets to high rep failures.

With that being said, you cannot go until failure while strength training because you will start to become weaker and can get sick if you do not recover enough. Some might call this over-training, I just call it not being able to recover.

This is why you don’t test your 1 rep maxes constantly and why you are probably not progressing.

Train For Purpose = Results

If you go one step further and make a goal to compete in a powerlifting meet, you are going to have a new-found focus in training and will start hitting personal records left and right.

When you train with a purpose, you are going to see results.

Sure people go to the gym to lose weight and build muscle but if you want to put 20 pounds on each of your lifts’ personal records at the meet coming up in 6 months, you are going to train much harder and smarter than normal.

Competitive Nature

Whether or not you want to be competitive, your competitive nature will start to come out and you are going to be more “hungry” for the results you are trying to achieve.

Kind of like reaching that 405 pound deadlift you’ve been working towards; you’re going to be thinking about it constantly and be willing to put in the grind to get it.

Get Yoked

Jimmie Pacifico

Nothing commands respect in and out of the gym as being yoked.

Heavy ass deadlifts will give you massive traps, squats will help you build mass all around, and bench will help build up your chest and front delts which will make you look like a monster.

Quit doing your girly shrugs and start putting some weight on that bar and deadlift.

Functional Strength

The movement of squatting, pressing, and picking stuff up is an everyday movement.

Next time you need to pick up something off of the ground or put something up in the pantry, remember how the big three lifts help.

Doing countless shrugs or bicep curls don’t necessarily build as much functional strength as deadlifts or squats will. Making daily tasks easier to do is something that everyone should aim to do.

No more struggling trying to pick up a case of water.

Mental Fortitude

Nothing will make you “nut up or shut up” like getting under the bar on a personal record attempt.

Being able to build up the confidence in your form and shut that voice up in your head saying “you can’t do it” is a feat and is important to be able to do in all areas of life.

Confidence In Other Areas Of Life

Hitting personal records gives confidence in all areas of life.

Next time a job opportunity comes or a sexy chick walks by, instead of saying “that’s too good for me” you will chase it like the winner you are.

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