USP Labs and GNC Lawsuit

USP Labs and GNC Lawsuit

USPLabs and GNC are in some deep shit with a class action lawsuit against them.

The case states:

The plaintiffs alleged that USPlabs LLC and GNC Corp made false and misleading statements regarding the safety, lawfulness and effectiveness of products containing dimethylamylamine (DMAA) or aegeline. Supplements in this class action settlement include: OxyElite Pro, Jack3d and/or VERSA-1

According to the USPlabs class action lawsuit, the allegedly misleading statements violate state consumer protection laws and the Magnusson Moss Warranty Act. As a result, the plaintiffs allege that USPlabs and GNC have been unjustly enriched.The defendants deny the allegations but have agreed to settle to avoid the expense and uncertainty of a potentially long litigation process.

Dimethylamylamine or DMAA for short (who the hell can pronounce that anyways) is what used to be in Jacked and OxyElite Pro that really “set those supplements apart from everything else.”

This isn’t an amino spiking lawsuit, but this one could very well end USPLabs.

What’s in it for you?

If you’ve taken OxyElite Pro, Jack3d, and/or VERSA-1 since August 17, 2012 then you may be eligible for a cash reward.

The estimated amount goes like this:

  • If you do not have proof of purchase:
    • $35 per bottle of OxyElite Pro
    • $20 per bottle of Jack3d
    • $20 per bottle of VERSA-1
  • If you DO have proof or purchase:
    • Unlimited

So if you have your receipts or proof of purchase of these products, you can claim however much you have in proof, otherwise you can claim up to $150.

I don’t believe in making false claims just to get money out of someone but if you’ve taken the products, I urge you to make a claim.

What do I need to do?

First I you can check out the actual class action lawsuit.

This gives you the date and time of the hearing, filing deadline, and all of the fancy lingo that you expect a lawsuit to have.

Next, check out the short and sweet version of the lawsuit which I quoted from. You can review the information and also chime in on the conversation in the comments.

If you’ve taken any of these products and want to file a claim, check the link above to get the claim form URL or go ahead and follow it from me:

Oxy Elite Pro Claim Form


I think this is a good move that needs to be done on all fronts. Lawsuits going out to companies that are employing “shady practices” and hopefully the FDA will change the way they test now.

I’m in the middle of moving and if I find anything out, you will hear from me as soon as I hear it.

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