Top 30 Abb Work Outs

If you really want to get a six-pack, you are going to have to use better ab workouts. Below I am going to list the top 50 ab workouts I would recommend if you really want to get a strong core and a well-defined six-pack. If you are unsure how to properly do an exercise, check out this page for a video and explanation. These exercises are in no particular order.

Weighted Chair Knee Raise

Great exercise to use to help get some explosiveness in your core.


Great exercise that works on stabilization.

Side Plank

Harder exercise which works well for obliques.

Single Leg Side Plank

Works both obliques at the same time with this exercise.

Mountain Climbers

Great for conditioning as well as a great full body exercise.

Ab Rollouts

Such a hard exercise, but great for really stretching the abs and getting a great contraction.

Reaching Crunch

Great variation to a regular crunch. Adds a level of intensity that you can’t get with regular crunches.

Decline Situp

Add extra resistance doing situps on a decline bench.

Twist and Crunch

Great way to add in some oblique work with a crunch.

Side Bends

Standing or seated side bends focus on stretching and contracting your obliques. This is great to help for stabilization as well.

Wood Chop

Great for obliques.


Intense exercise that hits everything.

Lying Heel Touches

Great for obliques and stretching.

Weighted Rope Crunch

Good old-fashioned weighted rope crunches should be a staple in any routine.

Hanging Leg Raise

Great exercise that works on your stabilization, grip, and abs.

Lying Floor Leg Raise

Great exercise for abs. Have someone push your legs down for an extra challenge.

Crossover Crunch

Great to add in some oblique work while crunching.

Flutter Kicks

A good time under tension ab exercise.

Decline Crunch

Add extra resistance doing crunches on a decline bench.

Ab Bicycle

Act like you’re riding a bicycle. Great full body ab exercise.

Hip Thrusts

Great ab exercise to build a strong core.

Ab Pendulum

Great workout for strong abs and obliques.

Lying Alternate Floor Leg Raise

Just like a floor leg raise except you raise one leg.

Side Crunch with Leg Lift

Side crunch while lifting your leg. Great for obliques and abs.

Exercise Ball Crunch

Lay on an exercise ball and do a crunch. Can get some extra stretching and a better contraction than if on ground.

Standing Oblique Cable Crunch

Like side bends but with a cable machine.

Exercise Ball Plank

Add in extra stabilization by doing planks on an exercise ball.

Twisting Hanging Knee Raise

Great oblique and ab workout. Really works your whole body.

Ab Barbell Rollouts

Ab rollouts using a barbell and weights. This gives you the ability to really challenge yourself.

Decline Bench Alternate Knee Raise

Lay with your head on the inclined part of the bench and do knee raises.

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