Get Swole: 3 Day Bodybuilding Workout Routine

This split focuses on the basics of barbell and dumbbell training without using a lot of frivolous exercises that most people don’t need. The way the program works is that you push yourself to add 5 more pounds to the bar every session. Do the weight until you hit all of your sets and reps and then add 5 pounds next week.

Focus on getting good contractions and controlling your reps.

A sample workout schedule would look like this:

  • Monday – Workout A
  • Tuesday – OFF
  • Wednesday – Workout B
  • Thursday – OFF
  • Friday – Workout C
  • Saturday – OFF
  • Sunday – OFF

This program is meant to be run at least 12 weeks.

Workout A
Paused Dumbbell Bench412
Paused Barbell Incline Bench412
Incline Dumbbell Flyes315
Weighted Dips315
Pull Ups3AMAP
Dumbbell Curls3AMAP
Tricep Extensions3AMAP


Workout B
Arnold Press412
Power Shrugs415
Bent Over Barbell Rows412
Wide Grip Seated Rows415
Side Bends3AMAP
Concentration Curls3AMAP
Barbell Curl3AMAP


Workout C
Goblet Squats412
Leg Extensions315
Leg Curls315
Walking Lunges220
Close Grip Bench Press320
Dumbbell Hammer Curls3AMAP
Decline Weighted Situps3AMAP


* – On Planks: AMAP means to hold the plank position for as long as possible

This is a hell of a routine and is intended to completely obliterate your body. You are going to be sore and will see results if you stick with this program.


Questions and comments below!

19 thoughts on “Get Swole: 3 Day Bodybuilding Workout Routine”

  1. I’m currently 6 weeks into the 4-day spilt routine you created. I’m looking forward to tackling this one next!

  2. if I make sure to get in the extra calories, could I work my core on the off days? otherwise im very interested and will start this next week after I finish my current routine. im brand new to your website but am very interested. my goals are for good pump and size, I will go with this routine unless you have any suggestions for others. I love ct fletcher and Arnold and favorite lifts are deadlifts and squats for power eventhough everything else is mostly for a good pump. thnks

    1. Yeah if you keep your diet somewhat clean and strive to add weight to the bar, add quality core work and I think you will be happy with your results man.

      Any more questions just ask.


  3. Hey Cutty, just gotta say thanks for the programs you put together and offer on your website. I started your 4-day split routine back in early December and switched to this 3-day workout mid-January. My goal was to gain 10 lbs in 12 weeks by sticking to the workout and a high-caloric diet that I put together. It’s week 12 today and I’ve gained 12 lbs! In the 8 or so years that I’ve been lifting (off and on) I’ve never been able to gain weight and I was beginning to think it wasn’t possible. But by sticking to your routines and eating a shit ton of food (healthy stuff ;) ) I made it happen. THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks Max,

      I’m glad that I’ve been able to help you reach your goals. It’s funny that you talk about needing to eat a shit ton more, it’s alarming how much food you need to eat to actually grow and get stronger. I frequently talk to people who eat 7000-10,000 calories a day to maintain or build muscle. This is an extreme example and they are elite athletes, but when I tell someone to eat some extra hamburger or a chicken breast and some rice it’s like I’m talking crazy haha.

      Keep up the good work man, make new goals and make a plan and conquer!


  4. Hey Cutty,
    What’s goin’ on, man?
    Max here again. I’m coming up on the 12th week of doing this workout. It’s been great and has helped me achieve my goals.
    I think it’s time to mix it up a bit, though and start working towards a new goal.
    Do you have any other routines that you would recommend as a follow-up to this one? I love starting out with the big exercises like deadlift/squat/bench. Maybe keep those and substitute different exercises for the rest?
    What are your thoughts?

    1. Good question.
      Well I achieved my first goal which was gaining ten pounds (from 145 to 155) and I’ve been hovering between 156 and 158. I’d like to keep adding mass and I’ve got plenty of room for it (I’m 6’0″). If I could gain another 10ish lbs that would make me pretty happy. So 165 lbs is my new goal.

    2. I always say if things aren’t broken, don’t fix it. But running the same program for longer than 12 weeks can be monotonous and not so fun. I would suggest to reset and do another round of this routine or check out any others you may like. The powerlifting or strength focused routines are great and still build muscle if you maybe want to add some mass and get some great strength gains.


    1. AMAP stands for As many as possible.. so pick a weight generally you can do 12-15 and you rip out as many as you can.. cheat a little if you need to. Go until failure basically :)


    1. Man I’m sorry I haven’t been on here, everything going on in the world right now has me so stressed and working extra hours. OF course you can. Supersetting the non big compound lifts are a great way to save time and improve your conditioning and muscle endurance. Hope you’re still lifting!

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