Protein: Get The Scoop

Protein: Get The Scoop

Whether it’s whey, beans, or beef, protein is needed to build muscle.

Protein: Get The Scoop

Pun intended, protein comes in many forms.

  • Protein Bars
  • Protein Powder
  • Meat
  • Beans
  • etc

Which protein is right for you?

I always suggest eating a well-rounded diet full of healthy natural foods (and of course some of your indulgence foods as well) in order to make the best gains.

If you are open to trying new foods and know how to cook, there are many options for you to get plenty of protein and have it taste amazing.

Protein Quick Facts

Eating diets high in protein will give you the benefit of feeling fuller.

I don’t know about you but I can eat 5000 calories at taco bell and be hungry later on that night, but if I eat 2 pounds of chicken breast I’m full for the day.

Carbs and fats are great but they are so calorie dense that if you were to fill up on carbs and fats, you’re going to eat too many calories. (Think: Donut)

Protein is easy to cook.

If you haven’t learned how to cook yet, I would highly suggest having someone learn you fast.

This is going to be vital if you want to live a healthy and muscle-filled life.

There’s nothing easier than browning some hamburger meat or even grilling some chicken; sure your chicken may be dry as hell the first few times, but you learn… Use BBQ sauce if needed.

Ingesting protein post-workout helps with muscle and nervous system recovery.

This “anabolic window” that the bros talk about has some truth but don’t worry about getting protein in you minutes after you train.

Depending on when you work out, eating a big meal post-workout will help with recovery and gains.

On the other hand, I know people who train before bed and they won’t eat anything until they wake up the next morning.

Regardless, having some protein after your workout has been shown to help increase lean mass and stimulates growth.

Supplementing with protein powder doesn’t make you unnatural.

Whoever came up with calling someone who supplements with protein powder unnatural, I feel bad for you.

It’s kind of like saying creatine is a steroid, it’s just plain wrong and a complete lack of knowledge is being displayed when something like that is said.

Protein powder is great because you can slam a shake during the day, post-workout, or before bed and get in some fast-digesting grams of protein.

Not having enough protein won’t make you lose gains.

There are some days you just won’t feel like eating or you might feel like completely indulging in foods you like.

If you are watching calories and don’t have enough to get what you feel is “enough protein” in, all gains are not lost.

I honestly don’t count how many grams of protein I eat and I usually tell people to try to get at least .8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight.

Of course, eating more per pound you weigh is fine, but eating over 2 grams of protein per pound of your body weight is excessive unless you are using PEDs.

Protein tastes good.

All I can say is: bacon.


If you were looking for some scientific research and studies posted, I apologize if I failed to deliver; I’m more about doing instead of reading.

Quit worrying about these small details with your training and nutrition and go make some gains.

Pick a good gym routine, eat right, and live happy.


Until next time, check out this infograph about protein. sent from our friends over at Health Perch.


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