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Product Review: Blender Shaker Bottles

Whether you are a die hard meathead, fitness junky, or someone looking for a good travel cup, shaker bottles are made for you. These bottles have a metal ‘whisking’ type of ball in it designed to thoroughly mix your drink up.

Mixing drinks such as your protein shakes or your amino acids are easy with this bottle. They hold up to abuse and they will last a long time.


20oz: Starting at $5.99

28oz: Starting at $6.49


Prices vary between stores and online shops. The bottles have many colors for the text and lid, from black to pink and anything in between.

Many companies have their own branded shakers and can be a great expression of your personality.

These bottles hold up well and unless the cap takes a blunt force hit, they last a long time; I have had mine for 2 years and it doesn’t leak.

Overall I give this product a 5/5. These bottles seem to be everywhere and I bought one because I was tired of trying to use a spoon or knife in a glass to mix up and make my clumpy protein shakes.

I believe these are dishwasher safe, but I have always hand washed these. I’ve never had any leak at all and I use these bottles as my main drinking cup.

You do not have to over-tighten your bottle, they don’t take much to create a good seal.


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