Shirley Webb Deadlifting

78 Years Young and Deadlifting 225lbs

So I was scouring the internet to see what’s new and I ran across a story of a lovely lady named Shirley Webb that can deadlift 225 for reps and now even higher.

When I first read this, 2 things came to mind:

1.) I hope I can just make it to 78.

2.) How can anyone justify saying they cannot deadlift 225 (eventually) when this young lady does it for reps?

For those of you who haven’t heard about it:

This 78 year old grandma who had troubles just getting off of the floor 2 years ago has completely changed her life around and has taken her health and athletic skill to a new level.

It makes me feel so much better once I joined, the first day I joined and worked out and walked out of here my head felt like it had opened up. I felt good and it made me want to come back and come back and come back.

Similar to the first time I went to the gym, Shirley’s eyes were opened to the benefits and the great love of the iron.

Shirley has her granddaughter to thank after she finally talked her into going to a local Club Fitness. She now trains there two to three times a week.

After her set in the video, Shirley went on to do a 235lb set and a 245lb set.

Since Shirley lives across the river from St. Louis in East Alton, Ill so she can set records in both Missouri and Illinois in both her age and weight groups.

  • Missouri – 215lb deadlift record
  • Illinois – 237lb deadlift record

When she was interviewed they asked her if she planned on taking a break from lifting and Shirley shut down that thought before they could finish the question.

I have no intention of stopping right now. When I go to the gym and workout, when I leave, I feel so much better than I did when I went in, and I just feel so good. I feel tremendous.”

I’ve said this plenty of times that life is movement and movement is life. When you stop moving, you stop living. You lose the ability to do day to day tasks and it eventually gets to the point where it is easier to just stay in bed than it is to experience life. Be like Shirley and take control of your fitness goals.

Grandma Deadlifts

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