Get More for Less: 2 Day Gym Workout Routine

“Can you really make gains off of working out two days a week?” I get asked this a lot and no one believes me that training two days a week has a lot more advantages than disadvantages. This program has been designed with a hybrid of building mass and building strength in mind. This training routine is designed for athletic functionality and strength as well as creating a balanced and muscular physique. This means you’re going to look jacked and be able to back it up with being able to pick up heavy ass weight.

Each rep of every set including your warm up reps need to be treated as if it your one rep max attempt. This ensures that you get the highest quality rep, best form, and strongest muscle contraction possible. Since everything is in control and is done with perfect repetition, you will be able to find out exactly how your body works and you can utilize this information to train smarter.

As with every workout I design, proper recovery and nutrition is essential for maximum results. This routine’s progression scheme is work on adding 5 pounds to the bar every week.

Sample Workout Schedule:

  • OFF
  • Workout A
  • OFF
  • OFF
  • OFF
  • Workout B
  • OFF

Be sure to have at least 2 days, ideally 3 days in between workouts. The volume is relatively low and you will not be suffering much from DOMS as much as a high volume workout routine, but your nervous system is going to be taxed hard.

Workout A
Dumbbell Seated Overhead Press38
One Arm Dumbbell Rows38
Tricep Extensions**38


Workout A
Side Lateral Raise38
Pull Ups38
Close Grip Bench***38


* – Your choice of curls that you like the best. Feel free to use different curls each session, just be sure to progress in weights.

** – Your choice of tricep extensions. As with curls, choose what you enjoy to do and what you feel works best and work on progression.

*** – Close grip bench press or floor presses are the only two exercises you should use here.  Feel free to switch them up on a monthly basis, just progress every session for that exercise.


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6 thoughts on “Get More for Less: 2 Day Gym Workout Routine”

  1. Hi Cutty,

    Really enjoy your site. Thanks for all you do. I’m getting pretty frustrated with my current work out and this one looks appealing. Three questions:

    I see you recommend planks quite a bit. Could I add them to this? Or do squats cover enough core work?

    Despite my size and strength gains, I still have some fat to burn. How much cardio is good to do and when with this routine?

    Sort of generally, how do you determine sets and reps? I see compound movements in 5×5 and 3×8, and accessory movements in (usually) 3×12 or 15.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

    1. Erik

      Thanks for the kind words. Changing routines to make the gym seem funner and keep you motivated is important so you can keep your progress going. Hopefully you enjoy my routines.

      Planks are really great, if you have time to do them in off-days I think they are going to definitely get your abs and core stronger, do them if possible. All of your compound lifts make your core stronger. (yes even on bench I get sore abs if you do it right)

      Generally speaking, you control your body in the kitchen, so added cardio alone won’t necessarily make you lose the fat. Cardio and conditioning is good for you and does help with weight control, so doing some will help. Bonus points if you can do something you actually like doing like sports, or jogging/running outside. I’ll be doing a “cardio ideas” article soon to spark some inspiration into a dreaded activity.

      If you are consistent with your diet, try to cut 200-300 calories a day from your diet. So if you’re eating 2000, cut down to 1800 and mark your progress. It takes burning 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat so this will take a while if you have a lot to burn, but will give you the most muscle spared. Keep protein intake high and stay consistent to see results.

      When I design a workout, you pretty much have it. You build muscle on low reps or high reps, so I try to design a routine so your nervous system gets stressed the most, so you get stronger. There’s some people that advocate 12-15+ reps on compound movements and that works, but I’ve found that my friends and I work best on these parameters.

      Remember, any routine will work if you dedicate yourself to it and do the hard work long enough. Consistency, overloading, and getting enough food and rest is the secrets to this stuff.


    1. I wouldn’t recommend going above 80-85% depending on how long you’ve been lifting.. if you’re close to a year or so then you can do 85% but the longer you’ve lifted the less you wanna train in a high %.

  2. Ok. Is this kind of similar to a West side method in which they train anywhere between 50 to 70%? Sorry just ran thev3x3 for 3 dull cycles and burning out a little. Finding my hamstrings need more attention.

    Thank you

    1. I have a couple of periodization routines – I plan on adding more. I would say since you’re starting to burn out to take 8 weeks and maybe run this routine – do the sets/reps at 4 sets of 12 reps and push out some good volume work. This will allow you to train much lower % – I would tell you to hit somewhere around 60% and run with that.. By then I’ll have a workout written for you to jump into. Add in some Romanian deadlifts and some machine hamstring work and you will be set.

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