Tired Of Elitist Powerlifters

Every day I get on social media and other websites to see what’s new in powerlifting and in the fitness industry in general and every day I see elitist powerlifters taking a stab at websites and blogs (just like this one) and it’s driving me insane.

What are they saying?

The general points they make are:

  • Who have you trained and why do YOU have a website?
  • Who the hell are you and why do you think you are special?
  • Why are you trying to ruin the sport with your crap information?
  • There’s too many nerds and no one going out there and doing it.
  • You aren’t paying your dues to have the privilege to write about powerlifting.
  • You’re weak and trying to give stronger people “regurgitated information.”

Who cares what they say?

One person I follow mentions how we don’t want to make powerlifting mainstream which if I’m understanding the way he means, he is correct. I do however want to grow the sport and get more people involved.

A lot of the people talk out of both sides of their mouth saying how they are happy to see powerlifting grow and how they encourage new people to join but they are the first ones to clam up and not help anyone but themselves get ahead.

  • I want to compete but I don’t think my lifts are strong enough.
  • I don’t want to get laughed off the stage.
  • Do you think my lifts are enough to compete?
  • Do you think I will get made fun of?

All of these above are things I see regularly on the internet and I blame these elitist assholes for it. Instead of talking about who is who and why do they deserve to do it, how about give out some helpful information?

Why it bothers me so much

I’ve never had any comments directed at me (that I know of) that talks about my articles or the information I give. I feel I’m pretty up front with what I post and I do not try to spout off information that I “read in a book” and I do not have working knowledge of.

I frequently mention that this website is aimed towards beginner and intermediate lifters and I do not write articles that are even remotely considered advanced. A lot of the information that I use and other websites use is sound advice that either was said by these lifters or said by people who have as much experience in the iron game as them.

I guess I see these rants from these elitists as their way of trying to show that they are better than us because they have access to the training, knowledge, and drugs that we don’t and it just aggravates me.

Instead of talking shit why don’t you use that time and write an article or do a short video helping out these guys that are looking up to you?

The fitness industry as a whole is full of egotistical full of themselves assholes that think everybody owes them something and to everyone looking to get involved in powerlifting or the gym, it’s not all like this.


I’ve refrained from posting a rant about this for some time now because it offers no value to the readers, but I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about the issue.

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