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Hulk Physique Based On These 4 Exercises

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating on the Faculty of Exercise and Sport Science, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing advice for better life. Follow him on Twitter.

If you are dreaming of becoming “the Incredible” or at least looking like him, you will have to dedicate more than just some good will to do so. The best way to do this is to work harder than you ever have and apply some special exercises that will break your will, test your limits, and will make you look incredible. Start eating healthier and build your physique in a matter of no time with just 4 exercises.

The 4 exercises I am talking about are famous all over the world for their effectiveness; deadlifts, weighted dips, front squats and pull-ups.

In the next section, I will give a brief info about each exercise, which muscles it works, and why it is better than others.

Deadlifts: Hulking up like a boss

If you want to add more and more muscles to your lower and upper body, craft an impenetrable force of power and stamina, improve your physique to the very limits of possible, you cannot avoid deadlifts. But what is so special about deadlifting?

It is an exercise that starts by strengthening your entire back and all of the adjacent muscles, your abdominal region, your gripping strength, and many more muscles which you didn’t know even existed. It is essential for gaining that core strength all body builders strive towards, and as you exercise, deadlifting becomes more and more essential for your physique.

You can start as a beginner, and all you have to do is lift the bar. Yes, this sounds easy and in fact, it is quite easy to start lifting. As time progresses, keep increasing the weight, and eventually you will be lifting more than your own weight. By the time you achieve this, you will be close to your desired hulk physique.

Deadlifting is also very applicable to many real life situations, like moving, or lifting the furniture, etc. It is very safe to perform it, without the possibility to get squashed by the weight. Workout regularly, and watch your muscles expand beyond possible. Gain in power, and feel your body strength increase and multiply.


This is definitely something to add to your working program, so if you are still having any doubts, get rid of them right away. The deadlift is the official master of all exercises.

Weighted dips and losing weight

Another exercise that will get you ripped and will transform your upper body into a moving fortress. It is a great exercise for your chest, shoulders, triceps, and also for increasing your muscle size and strength.

The exercise itself is hard at the beginning, for it requires a lot of power and strength to lift yourself multiple times. It is all about doing it right: simply stand between parallel bars, start with completely straight arms, descend to the point where your elbows are bent to 90 degrees, and then push yourself back up to the starting point.

If you cannot start with a single dip, increase your upper body power, do push ups and pull ups, and once you have enough strength, start with the dips. Eventually, they will become easier to perform, so when this happens, make sure you add some more weight, to keep the process of muscle building going.

Now, when it comes to weighted dips, there is just one difference between them and the regular ones: the weight attached. The simplest way of doing this is by attaching a dipping belt, made of strong and thick leather with a chain attached to it. Loop the chain through the center of the weight, and secure it around your waist. The more weight you are able to add, the better, for it is a plain sign that you are bulking up.

Continue until you have reached your desired physique.

Weighted Dips

Remember to combine these exercises with the proper nutrition in order to burn all that extra fat. Pre-workout, vitamins and items such as legion quad pack are crucial for becoming the Hulk.
If you have any injury or condition regarding shoulders or elbows, this exercise might be extremely difficult for you. Always consult your doctor or a professional before doing the additional weight exercises.

Front squats and their secret

Usually, someone will say that squats are the best exercise in the world of body building. That is not far from truth, for this is indeed one of the exercises that give you the most in return.

Squats are a part of any lower body training. Missing to add these into your training will result in a weak lower body, and eventually you might end up looking ridiculous.

Legs are as important as the upper body part, and try to combine the workout of both the upper and the lower part of your body. Hulking up means becoming a complete monster, and you won’t achieve that only through the upper body workout.

Squats should become a part of your everyday routine, and along with building up your lower body, they will increase your stamina. They won’t cause any back damage, and many people get it wrong by thinking that these exercises are back-breaking. Do squats, and do them in the right way.

Remember to combine them with other exercises, so that the effect of hulking up is enhanced.

Start slow, and increase the training ratio as you go.

Watch your body evolve.

Front Squat

Pull-ups with extra weight

What squats do to your lower body, pull-ups do to your upper body. Starts with the arms, chest area, shoulders and traps, and in the process, you will transform into a machine with the perfect upper body definition and strength.

Pull-ups are an exercise used by every body builder for its effectiveness, and fast ripping ability. It can be performed in many ways, and, therefore, the exercise has its variations.

The one that we are mostly interested in is adding the extra weight. Simply, like with weighted dips, attach the belt and secure it around your waist. Add as much extra weight as you can carry, and the efficiency of the exercise will keep increasing. The more you can carry, the better are the results.

In no time, the Hulk inside you should awaken.

Remember to combine these exercises with others previously mentioned, and that the key to getting pumped lies in constant training, combined with a healthy nutrition and proper additions in the form of vitamins and proteins.

So make sure to stay on a proper workout diet, and use all the food supplements required for a proper and maximized workout effect.

Pull Ups

Each exercise is good in its own way, but achieving the wanted results requires a lot of will power, hard work and dedication, but most of all, a way of combining all those exercises together into a proper workout.

Also remember to live a healthy life, and leave the rest to these 4 exercises, powerful and efficient enough to transform you into “the Incredible.”

28 thoughts on “Hulk Physique Based On These 4 Exercises”

  1. 2 or 3 days per week?
    I train in muay Thai 3 days for 45 min each.
    This would also be my only cardio.
    Thanks in advance for input.

  2. I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing problems with
    your blog. It appears like some of the text on your content
    are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and
    let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This may be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this
    happen before. Thank you

    1. Junivive, I’ve not heard of this problem before on my website, although I’ve had this happen on my phone as well. I’m sorry that this is happening.

      I am working on getting a better and updated theme template, I hope it will be much more mobile friendly. This template is but I am ready for an upgrade :)

    2. I haven’t seen any display issues like this. Tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari on my PC, Android, and MacBook. I checked the CSS code too, everything looks good.

  3. Dear sir, I’m 54 y/o been working out steady about a year, is doing only this four exercises, two on one day and the other two on a different day good enough to build muscle? If so what set and rep should I do? Thanks and GOD bless.

  4. Curry,
    Been doing Thai boxing 5 years.
    Also tried a few some golden gloves boxing events and won 3 of 4.
    Don’t care what old timers say, strength work is very important and muscle and a nice physique compliment skills.
    Since my email last year I’ve followed your 4 exercises workout and gained 15lbs of muscle and an improved physique.
    BBTWgreat workout!
    I’ve done it twice a week because my Thai workouts twice weekly cover lots of conditioning exercises like pushups, burpees, jump rope, etc.
    On 2 of my 3 off/rest days I do 30 minutes of yoga(active rest)for recovery.
    So far this regime has worked well for me as I don’t overtrain and stay in constant shape without excessive training.
    Thanks for all the excellent info on your site!

    1. Josh, I’m glad to hear how you’ve progressed. Progressively overloading and pushing yourself to do “just a little better” makes a huge difference if you can consistently do it.

      Keep up the work and great job on boxing. I would like to try boxing out for cardio. I believe learning some fighting skills along with burning a lot of calories would be a great and fun way to get some cardio in.

      Keep me updated and thank you for the kind words!

    1. You’d be surprised how much progress people have simply by doing a few major compound lifts and doing them right.

      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Cutty,
    I am following up with my progress report.
    First, I cannot say this enough, your website and content has been a huge and positive influence on my training.
    I come here often to read articles and get motivated.
    I am still following the program and continue to make excellent gains in strength and physique.
    The only other thing is that I have added push ups using resistance bands for 2 quick sets.
    Your program, exactly as you outlined is near perfect, especially for combat athletes to enhance their strength requirements.
    The boxing or heavy bag punching is a great cardio style workout for the guys who lift and have the muscle and strength that you have.
    Quite honestly, as far as skill for self-defense, my personal opinion is that someone like you, who adds some bag boxing training to their training is just as skilled and capable as a smaller trained Martial Artist(karate, kickboxing, etc).
    Size and strength matter when it comes down defending.
    Have a great 2018!

    1. Josh,

      Thanks for the update! Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad to hear things are going well.

      Bodybuilding, lifting, and any athletic sport can all be intertwined to me. You are learning how to utilize your body to accomplish something. The lifting side of things teach you how to isolate muscles, move and get stronger, and make your nervous system more powerful. Having athletic skill and genetics help, but there’s a lot to come from someone who can control every inch of his body and has a general understanding of nutrition.

      Keep checking back, new looks, articles, and many new things coming.

  6. Cutty,
    It’s been awhile, but here’s my update.
    Now doing chins with 25lb plate, 60lbs for dips and front squats kind of light(150lbs) because of the kick work in Muay Thai workouts.
    Chins and dips 4 good sets rep range 8-12 and my goal is to keep adding weight.
    The workout takes me 45 minutes as I do a 10 ab warm-up and some light stretching at end.
    Weight jumped to 195 now and I’m 5″8.
    The simplicity of the workout has kept me at it consistently.
    I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to these exercises.
    Other guys I do the Muay Thai with are doing more weighted exercises and have to struggle to do the workouts.
    This one has increased my strength, muscle, and enhanced my punch/kick power.

    1. It’s all about power in Muay Thai. Power and agility so I’m glad to hear things are going better with your training.

      I’d invite you to train one week of the month focusing on power. Take the weights you are usually using and cut them to 50 or 60% and produce maximal power as if you were hitting your 1 rep max every rep.

      Training your nervous system to produce more power is all about your body becoming more efficient.

      Do you have any videos of your Muay Thai training or anything I could check out? I have always been fascinated by the discipline and power that they teach.

  7. Cutty:
    It’s been a long time.
    Have not changed the routine either.
    Now doing it 3 days weekly and 2 Muay Thai for 45 minutes.
    100lb on dips-3×6-8
    45lb chins-3x 8-10
    Resistance band pushups 3xfailure(40-50 reps per set)
    Only 200 on squat and 250 on deadlift due to lots of kicking in my other workout.
    Now a solid 195 at 5″8.
    I owe it to the advice and inspiration provided on your website.

    1. Hey man thank you for the kind words. I am sorry for the delayed response — I’ve been having a lot of family emergencies and haven’t been able to get on here as much as I’d like.

      I’m glad to hear you have been able to keep progressing. Have you thought about getting some chiro work done to make sure your body is operating as well as it can? I’ve been getting my thoracic spine and hips worked on and it’s made a difference. Keep going man!

  8. Mr. Samson Hound

    Hello Cutty,
    Awesome website, very informative.
    I am interested in the Hulk Physique Based On These 4 Exercises article.
    My question to you is what type of a workout plan should I follow with these exercises? How many days a week, and how many sets and reps should I use? Do I do Front Squats and Dips on Monday – Dead lifts and pull-ups on Wednesday – repeat Monday’s workout on Friday. And on Monday repeat Tuesday’s workout and so on? Rotation for recuperation. Can you please give me the proper formula to build strength and size, I have been working out since 1982, with great results, and I am excited to try something new.
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Pump Iron – Mr. Samson Hound

    1. Hello Mr. Hound. This was a guest article I posted for a friend of mine. I would invite you to check out this powerbuilding routine — I think it would be right up your alley.

      Check out that workout and let me know if you have any questions. It goes over your sets and rep scheme.

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