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Why Cutty Strength?

We are dedicated to bring you information and straightforward advice on how to achieve your goals. No matter if your goal is strength or muscle building, general fitness, diet and nutrition, or mindset help we have you covered.

Strength and Muscle Building

No articles here will BS you and try to sell you anything that isn’t proven to work. Any information presented will be backed by experience, or information will be formed from advice of other athletes and coaches. You won’t see any “get ripped quick” schemes on this site.

General Fitness

Some people don’t want to be so big that people are afraid of them or pick up all of the weight in a gym and that’s okay. For people who are interested in general fitness or “getting in shape,” we will provide you information to help you make good healthy decisions and help you achieve your goals. There might be some attempts to pull you into strength building but that’s all fun and games :-).

Diet and Nutrition

We are going to provide you with information about diet and nutrition that will help you achieve your goals and inform you to make your own decisions. If you want to grow some huge muscles and be shredded, you don’t have to micromanage your diet and eat boiled chicken and broccoli. We will give it to you straight.


Your mindset has a lot to do with the amount of success you will have at anything in life. From motivational pictures and quotes, to tips on making the most out of every day, we will have articles that will help empower you to take control of your life and live it to the fullest.

All of the information presented is simply advice. If for some reason you get hurt attempting volume squats or a new workout you’ve never done, CuttyStrength.com takes no responsibility. Please be safe and know your limits.


Be Social!

Be sure to spread the word about the website by posting links on your own website, blog, or social media networks.


Thank You

Cutty Strength is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their goals and gives you tips and advice that work. It’s my mission to inform and help everyone so they can live the life they want to live.

25 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Greetings,

    I’m a woman looking to build muscle, not just tone up. What workout (s) can you recommend ? I”m not novice in the gym and familiar/comfortable with weights …. kindly appreciated!!!

  2. HI
    I have just made the terrifying decision of competing in my first competition after reading your article on “your First Powerlifting Meet’. I especially loved the point you made about taking part and not worrying if I could only lift the bar! That’s given me the push I need to register. Thank you .

    1. Amanda – Congrats!

      You’re going to love the atmosphere. It’s like being surrounded by real lifters, strong people, and not the egotistical “bros” you see in the gym. You’re going to love it. Let me know how it goes!

      When is your meet?

  3. Hey Cutty

    I have been trying to get in contact with you but not getting any replies to emails. I hope everything is well with you and that we can talk soon!

  4. Cutty:
    I like and want to train full body 2-3 days a week.
    No split, 1 compound exercise per body part.
    How many sets should I do of each for muscle and strength?
    I will do your 15 hit type cardio right after lifting and on off days just stretch to maintain flexibility.
    Thanks for responding.

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