6 Reasons Why Your Muscle and Strength Gains Suck Ass

You do more sets of curls than you do all of your compound lifts


Biceps are not the end all be all of muscles; they are a small muscle in the body and should be treated as one. If you want to be weak and flabby with big biceps, you should get your head checked. Heavy squats, dealifts, rows, and pull ups are going to build more mass on your biceps than doing 30 sets of curls.

Do your heavy compound lifts if you are tired of people asking you if you lift.

You don’t progress

You go into the gym every day and you have been making steady gains until recently. Why have your gains stopped? You use the same weight every session and never progress. You must strive to add weight to the bar or strive to get just one more rep.

If you bench 185 every time you bench and strive to add one more rep every time, over a year you are going to build a very strong strength base because of this. Getting stronger doesn’t require you to use super-drop-sets and extreme training techniques to get stronger. Just do one more rep.

You don’t squat or deadlift


Snap city, bad knees, scared, no equipment, or whatever other excuse you can think of; Shut up and squat and deadlift. Squats and deadlifts take a mind of steel and a body of swole to do heavy ass weight, so it’s no wonder you don’t do either.

If you really want to take your training to the next level, get off of the machines and start moving some weight.

You think people care if you have a six pack


Bigger biceps and getting a six pack seems to be the most important thing to a lot of people who send me questions. I won’t judge anyone’s goals, but no one really cares if you have a six pack. In order to have one, you have to be strict on your diet and keep a low body fat level.

The more you obsess about your abs and make sure to let everyone know you have a six pack, the less popular you are going to become. I live and breathe strength training and I’ve lost a lot of friends because I talk about it too much. Same with abs, be prepared to have a lot of haters.

You spend more on supplements than you do whole foods


“What supplements do I need to build muscle?” My response: Whole natural foods and lots of it. Frankly put, the supplement industry is out to make money. Keep this in mind when you are looking at the newest and greatest supplements on the market. You do not need any supplement in order to get in shape, get stronger, build muscle, and lose fat. If you have a limited budget, put the money you would spend on supplements towards some beef and chicken.

You party and pull all-nighters


Muscles are made in the kitchen and in the bed. Food and sleep are the two most important things you need in order to build strength and build lots of muscle. You go to the gym and tear your muscles down and strain your nervous system to adapt to the resistance. The only way you can adapt is if you eat healthy and get sleep; quit going for bingers and all-nighters if you really want to reach your full potential.

2 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Your Muscle and Strength Gains Suck Ass”

  1. You are right…To summarise
    You are what you eat, So eat healthy..low fat but do eat some good fats because your body needs some. Make sure you have good protein at each meal. Supplements are simply add-ons. Build muscle by increasing ever day.
    Compete with yourself.Today be better than you were yesterday

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