Six Pack Secrets: 5 Hardcore Ab-Blasting Workouts For Women

This article is a guest post written by Karleia Steiner.

Any woman interested in obtaining a ripped abdomen can eat as healthy as possible but not achieve the desired results. Joining a gym is the answer. Let’s take a look at 5 workouts that can be easily performed at gyms in Houston, or anywhere in the country that will burn away stomach fat and tone the abs.

The Plank

Begin in a traditional push up position. Allow the elbows to bend and lower your body until your weight moves away from your palms towards your lower arms. Try to make your body extend completely horizontally. Do not lift your backside or lower your hips. Tighten up your abs while holding this position for a full minute. If you can’t last for a full minute, try your hardest to hold the position for thirty seconds.

Glute Bridge March

Lay down with your back to the ground. Bend your knees but keep your sneakers flat on the ground. Place your arms on the ground with your palms facing the ceiling. Lift the hips up so that your body comes up off of the ground. Now brace the abs and pull one knee towards your upper body. Hold this position. Then do it with the other knee. Repeat until you are fatigued.

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Rotation Lunge

Get a ten pound weight and hold it with both hands while standing up straight. Step forward with one foot and tighten the abs while contorting your midsection to one direction. Then bend at the knees until your legs are at a 90 degree angle. Then contort back to the beginning, normal position and stand back up straight. Repeat by stepping forward with the other foot and do the exercise ten times.

Side Plank

This exercise requires you to rest on your side with your legs pointed out straight. Hold yourself up with your arm on the ground and place your other hand on the top of your side that isn’t against the ground. Make sure that your knees and hips stay off of the ground. Hold your abs in tightly for a full minute or as long as you can.

Hip and Thigh Raise

Lay down flat on your back and bend a knee. Put your arms on the ground with the palms upward. Lift your hips up off of the floor about two or three inches into the air. Hold this position as long as you can. To bump up the difficulty, cross your arms across your chest during the exercise.


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