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Cutty Strength and Transparency

I think transparency is something a lot of businesses would benefit from if they committed to it.

If you don’t know what transparency is, it’s basically being open with the goals of a business and how it conducts everything. This doesn’t mean that you have to know every time the CEO farts, but if you start seeing big changes in a website… it may be nice to learn why they are doing it.

Updated 8/3/15:

I’ve been an affiliate for Tiger Fitness for a while and I wanted to let you guys know whenever you buy from there using my link I will get a commission of the sales which will go into paying for the website and ultimately help me get to the point of doing this for a living. That means I can spend more time serving you – my readers.

I also got accepted to as an affiliate. They sell some gear and equipment and I’ve had good experience with them so I wanted to share the love with you all. I’ll be writing more articles soon to highlight the benefits of some of the equipment there.

I’m not going to turn this into a “buy this” type of website, but I put about 30 hours a week at least into this site and my other websites (which I love to do) and I frankly I need to start earning more of an income so that I can start doing this full time.

I do plan on writing books and offering paid services soon as well which will help me provide more value to my readers.

What’s new?

There are a lot of things that are new and coming up. Check em out.

Changed the menus

I’ve changed the menu up and I am killing off some of the categories to make browsing much easier. There’s no need to have 7 categories for workouts when I have one or two articles in most of them.

Affiliate Links

I mentioned earlier that I have been accepted as an affiliate for Tiger Fitness and I will be adding links to products that I support.

I refuse to push supplements that I do not believe in or creating rogue links to trick you into buying something.

I will however, offer links in reviews, in articles (more about that in a minute), and in social media.

The link:

If you do not want to click an affiliate link to help me out (which is fine), my link will look like:

So if you see the ?Click=152035 in the link when you rollover it, that’s an affiliate link.

Amazon Affiliate:

In some articles I may include product links to Amazon in which I will also get a commission if you buy it. Again, I refuse to sell shit to you, but I will give advice on things I’ve bought and recommend.

Article Changes

I get asked quite a bit about supplementation that I recommend for a specific workout or in general, so I plan on adding a “recommended supplements” section in the workouts that I write. Once again, all using affiliate links.

Another article change you will see is I am going to go through and fix every single workout that I’ve written to fit into a strict template that will create a uniform workout and should help cover more questions.

More in-depth articles are coming; even the workouts will have more content and I am going to start adding in a table of contents to make navigation easier. That way if you don’t want to read some of the nutrition and cardio information I’ve posted and just want the workout routine, you can skip right to it.

Why the changes?

I feel that I need to provide better articles to my readers and if I can set up good habits now, I think that it will make it easier for me to create non-linkbait genuine articles about training, powerlifting, and nutrition.

The added affiliate links will hopefully help pay for the hosting fees as well as support other projects (see below) that will help grow the community.

I am working hard to chase my dreams and get out of the regular 9-5 job that keeps me working for someone else doing something I don’t particularly like.

I like helping, motivating, and teaching people who are eager to listen and I want to make it my full-time job.

You guys probably don’t notice how many views this website gets daily, but it’s actually quite a lot – Over 1000 views a day and climbing fast.

As a matter of fact, out of over 860 million websites out there… here’s how Cutty Strength ranks:

Cutty Strength Stats

This is no small feat and it honestly brings a tear to my eye to see how all of my work is paying off. This plus all of the “thank you” emails and messages I get, it really makes putting all of this time and effort into this worth it.

Future Projects

I didn’t want to mention these projects at all until they are done, but I am falling 3 months behind on them so some accountability is needed.

I have 4 new websites that I am working on slowly that will all integrate and work together.

Note: None have any content.

The Squat Calculator

The Bench Press Calculator

The Deadlift Calculator

The BMR Calculator

I also have another project that I am trying to decide which way to go that I want to create that will give the powerlifting scene a better website to use than and it is called Powerlifting Source. I own the domain but I have not set up a presence yet.

There are a lot of projects and it seems extremely ambitious, but I’m serious about helping others and creating a full-time job from this. I have other websites that I write for as well, including a start-up business I’m trying to get going.

Non-Fitness Related Websites

Obviously if you are here, you are interested in some sort of fitness. Many of us have hobbies outside of the fitness industry and here are some of the websites I’m launching for that.

Speed Readers – This website is a newly launched (launched 8/1/15) website about speed reading, accelerated learning, and book recommendations. If you follow the Pinterest account, you’ll see I’ve been making pins there in the “What Cutty is Reading” board.

Because Bass Head – A popular hashtag in the audio industry, #becausebasshead is how we explain why we do things or why it’s okay that I skipped a mortgage payment to buy another 10000 watts of power. There’s not much here yet because I’ve had to put this on the back burner while I work to make writing and freelancing my only job. #nomore9to5

Team IAK – This is in the “barely online” phase. This is the car audio team I’m on and while I haven’t been able to participate much in audio or developing the site, it’s going to come. This site is going to be more or less a “showcase” of our team’s rides, installs, etc.. I want to be able to have a public page for them to show off and link to in forums, etc. It’s a gift of mine that I want to give to them.

The Little Details – Believe it or not, even though I haven’t finished the website and I’m taking a little bit of a change in what I want to do, The Little Details is my registered business name and I plan on creating a presence there to show my portfolio and help find more clients and freelance work. There’s nothing much there yet.. again, another that’s been put on the back burner.

Believe it or not, I have dormant domain names and the plans on buying more in the future; I’m just holding off because I am having a hard time keeping up with what I have out already!

Why is this important?

This probably isn’t important to most people, but to those who really follow the site and make this the community that I enjoy to engage with, I want to show you I’m not some fly-by-night book reader and that I put my money where my mouth is and I want to help everyone reach their goals.

I started Cutty Strength in early 2012 and I’m starting to pick up the steam that I’ve been working to get so be prepared for the ride.

While none of this is important, if you’ve made it this far into this article, I want you to see that I put it all out there and I’m willing to go all out to achieve my dreams… and I want to help you achieve yours.


To me, being open about everything and giving my own personality on everything is the only way I can do business. Some people tell me my posts are not professional or something stupid and I just have to laugh. If someone doesn’t like my writing, articles, or posts because I put my own personality into it, then I don’t want them reading my information anyways.

My goal is to create a network of friends and websites that everyone can use to reach their goals and help their friends reach theirs.

I’m not about that shady shit, so stick with me.

As always, leave any comments or questions below.

12 thoughts on “Cutty Strength and Transparency”

  1. Awesome man! Hope you achieve everything you’re working for. I like this site very much and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites. Thanks and take care!

  2. Hi Cutty, long time since i contacted you as i’ve ditched ‘the dreaded demon’ [facebook] it’s good to see your doing so well and the no bulls;;t policy and honesty still prevails..good luck from England mate ps do Tiger Sports ship to our side?

    1. What’s up man. Their site says they do so be sure to stock up. Facebook is the devil – I only get on there to find news, sometimes post to the site’s page and that’s about it hah.

      Glad to see everything’s good on your side.

  3. hi cutty,if i read your columns properly i would have seen that you rate it, i’m taking t5 fat burners and nolvodex at the moment to combat stubborn fat,my gym is great and plenty of solid [as in good] men, the trouble is i get so much conflicting advice on supplements and training routines i don’t know where i am, you said once that even the worst routine will bear fruit if you increase the weight regularly, i cant seem to find the right one for me,….any ideas?

    1. I guess I would ask why they weren’t the right ones for you and I may be able to guide you some how. Some routines just feel right and some just don’t.

  4. i would have to say i didn’t give them time to work, iv’e been on a routine for a month now it consists of 4 sessions i do a 5×5 compound lift at the start so if i’m doing legs i do squats then 5 other exercices of 8/10 each week gradually increasing the weight,also am starting boxing fitness twice a week

  5. Cutty,

    I love the transparency and the changes I have seen to the blog over the years. This is the kind of stuff that will get you to your goal I’m sure.

    Providing great content to thousands or hundreds of thousands of visitors for free is no small feat. As far as I’m concerned buying through your links when you plan to purchase the items anyways is a given.

    Keep up the good work!

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